Donkey Busts out of the Main Event

by , Jul 7, 2008 | 1:14 am

This hedline could refer to thousands of players, of course, but I’m talkin’ bout Pokerati’s own Donkey … who busted out on the near last hand. He re-raised with a broadway open-ender, got called with a flush draw, and a club on the turn did him in. Nice go, though Donk!

By the way, he apparently drove Beth Shak nuts — his K-J suckout against hre A-J really set her off. By the way, fyi Donkey, she gave me some of your tells. You apparently blink your eyes a lot when the flop hits you … and you stack your chips individually when you are about to make a move. Just sayin’ …

5 Comments to “Donkey Busts out of the Main Event”

  1. Aaron A

    You talked to Beth Shak?? Sweet, I wanna meet her. I gotta crush!

  2. DanM

    I agree. She is a lovely sour woman/sexy beyotch.

  3. Tuscaloosa Johnny

    I talked to her, but only via phone for a Rounder mag interview last year. Smoking photos on her website though.

  4. donkey

    Hey Dan, good to see you again man. I could have just coasted to day 2, but here’s what happened. My highest stack from the day was 31k, some of it from that witch Shak, more on that bitch in a minute. My lowest stack was 7k. At the end of the day, 1 hour before the 5th level ended, I had 18k, and with a couple of coin flips that I lost, I was down to 10k with 5 minutes left for the day (we played 12 hours, by the way, all I had to do was wait 5 more minutes). I had to make a decision to wait 3 days in Vegas for Round 2, or gamble. I played good all day, so in retrospect, that was a mistake. 3 days was a long wait, but then again, by the time we were finished, it was already Monday. Next blind was $250-$500 with $50 ante, I should have waited huh? So I decided to gamble all in with my broadway open ender on flop by re-raising all in against his flush draw. That flush wasted no time to get there and I was done. The whole table except for Shak stood up and shook my hand.

    Now on Shak, man she was one bitter woman. She got all in with me that got the ESPN crew scamming to get coverage. On a 4,5,6 off flop, she bets 2k, I called. The turn was a nine, and she pushed all in for the remainder of her chips, she showed pocket 5s. I was pot committed plus I had a great draw, pocket 7s. When she saw my 7s, she screamed, “No, not a another suckout!! Don’t give him a 7!!” The river was blank, but she was fuming. Even after that huge double up that I gave her which cost me around 20k, I was gracious and said “Are you alright?” She said nothing but looked really agitated. She runs off to tell Annie Duke what happened. I then turned to another guy sitting 2 over and told her that I think she was pissed because she thought I went in with a 2 outer, when in fact I had 10, and the pot was right. Typical stupid pro player. It’s funny that she thought she had a read on me, when in fact, I pushed her out of pots countless times because I knew she wouldn’t call, even when I had nothing, I knew she wouldn’t call unless she had something. She played like a couple pros I know, Clonie and Jennifer Harman, wait for the big hands, and fold if you don’t have the nuts. If she said my eyes were blinking (through dark sunglasses)when I hit a flop, she must have been gazing at me the whole f**king time. It’s ok, I’m more flattered than upset. If she is watching out for me at the table, I must be doing something right.

    And before you go defending her, here’s one more story, it doesn’t involve me or her in a hand. Big blind raised preflop with AK, cutoff reraised with JJ, button (Brian Micon) reraised all in w/ AA. BB called with remainder of chips. Cutoff tanks, then folded. Flop had a Jack which would have sent Micon to the rails, but he ended up winning the pot to get up over 40k. We talked about it afterwards and thought it was a good lay down, even though he would nearly tripled up. Shak spent the next half hour going through her life story (her voice is not sexy at all, sounds like Joan Rivers), how she’s a 41 yr old mom who made it to 2 final tables, basically sounds like she’s reading her resume. She ended up by telling the cutoff guy to go to her website and email her, and she will email him “point for point” how and why he should have made that call. She even put in like “I’ll teach you..” and “you’ll remember me the next time…”.

    Anyways, I’m mad at myself for not waiting for a new day. I’m more mad at Harrah’s for waiting 3 days to play again. Monday off is just a waste of time. If you don’t live in Vegas, why would you want to wait 3 more days, especially if you are low stacked. That was the main reason why I pushed with 5 minutes left for the day.

  5. DanM

    Donk, I am so torn between my loyalty to a loyal reader and my newfound affection for a salty Texas-haired married woman who may or may not struggle with tilt.

    Regardless, I watched you play and you played well — especially once your stack did get small and you fought to keep your head above water.

    As to the WSOP schedule, yeah, I kinda wonder why today was the “day off.” If Day 2a went today (Monday), and your Day 2b were tomorrow (Tuesday), then not only would it be more convenient for travelers, but everyone would get a day off before day 3, instead of only half the field.

    As to your tells, I think she is almost right on the blinking one. (I watched you in a couple hands after she told me, and I may have picked up something she didn’t since I often knew your cards.) Probably shouldn’t be saying all this in public, but oh well, now you can use them as reverse tells back in Dallas.