Fernando Gordo: Remember this Name

by , Jul 10, 2008 | 11:35 pm

Fernando Gordo is the Argentinian who started the day with just under 140,000 chips. Only thing … he pulled a Vinny Vinh and didn’t show up.

Well, with 1,500 chips remaining — 1 yellow, 1 blue — he survived the bubble and made the money.

And though I’ll need to check with Oliver on this, I think he might have been the guy that just signed a contingency deal with Full Tilt. Very confusing — but now we know how many chips you need, essentially, to survive Day 3 without playing.

One Comment to “Fernando Gordo: Remember this Name”

  1. olivert

    I don’t get to work with any of the Argentine players because they all know each other and they all know someone who works at PokerStars.net who can cut deals directly.

    I have one Venezuelan (28-year-old stock trader Leonardo Emperador) and one Mexican (26-year-old filmmaker Mr. Michelle Sainz Castro) signed to contingency deals with FullTiltPoker.net for the WSOP Main Event (through November 11 or whenever they bust out).

    Mr. Sainz is the bigger signing of the two, as he is a member of the powerful Castro entertainment family in Mexico and his mother is prominent Mexican actress/singer Veronica Castro.