(Way) Outside the WSOP (Day 5 – 4pm Update)

by , Jul 12, 2008 | 4:02 pm

141 players left, all 5 4 3 women who started today are still in the tournament (Tiffany Michelle top female in 12th at 1.87m.

Notables eliminated:

Gus Hansen
Ben Roberts
Chad Layne
Hoyt Corkins

James McManus chip leader at 3.4m, David Benefield second at 2.7m, Victor Ramdin third at 2.5m. Raja Kattamuri towards the bottom at 400k.

4:15 Update: Karen Manfrede out in 139th.
4:35 Update: Minna Ritakorpi out in 136th

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  1. DanM

    Benefield, btw, I believe is from Dallas.