What Does Phil Hellmuth Do on Break?

by , Jul 12, 2008 | 9:20 pm

With 92 players remaining, Phil Hellmuth is in about dead-middle of the pack, with 1.28 million chips. He had climbed up from near the bottom of the pack some two hours earlier, where he had to fight off some major steam after some bad beats/21st century plays. On break, Hellmuth asked if he could stay in the Amazon Room just to pace, but tournament staff said sorry, they couldn’t make any special exceptions (even for him), which conceivably added to his steam factor … so he went outside into the hot Vegas sun (actually, it was a relatively cool, humid 94 degrees) and paced back and forth along a straight line for the full 20 minutes.


One Comment to “What Does Phil Hellmuth Do on Break?”

  1. ItsOverJonny

    How awesome would it be if Phil was hit by a scooter or moped? Photoshop experts, please go to work!