RE: Hard Rock “Poker Lounge” Getting Ready to Open

by , Aug 9, 2008 | 9:57 am

After much talk and some anticipation, Dan notes that the Hard Rock poker room will open sometime in August. Evidently, poker pro Joe Awada got a sneak peak at the room and wrote an article about it for Gaming Today.

1. Who knew that Joe Awada wrote articles?
2. Decent stuff, but he could use an editor.

The $12 million Poker Lounge (yikes) will not only have some swanky features and its own bathrooms, but the room can be reserved for parties, as they claim two dozen divorce parties are already lined up. There will also be a poker league with various teams of employees and open groups, such as radio stations and gentleman’s clubs. Sounds intriguing as more information comes out, no?

For instance, the 7,500-square-foot poker lounge will start with 18 tables (expandable to 25) and will feature five roped-off, high-limit tables.

The lounge will have its own bar with tables, comfy chairs and couches, five high-end slot/video poker machines and its own bathrooms.

The room will also have its own cashier and safety deposit boxes for the players.

There will also be a dedicated host staff, massage therapists, bottle service at the tables, a race and sports writer and a kiosk for placing bets. Players will be entitled to a full comp system, with extra goodies like concert tickets, backstage passes, cabanas at the adult pool and other benefits.

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