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Cops vs. Firemen in Rural Pennsylvania

by , Aug 3, 2008 | 2:08 pm

You can see why raiding a poker room seems like such a win-win for the po-po. It’s such a low-risk operation, the busted citizens have little to complain about when they get to settle for an eensy-weensy ticket, and — thanks to asset forfeiture laws — the cops are virtually guaranteed to walk away with some cash for PD coffers.

But a case moving through the system in Seward, Pennsylvania (a rural community outside of Pittsburgh) is challenging this legal MO (which, personally, I think could sell very well on an infomercial: “For three payments of $79.95, I’ll share with you the ‘Dallas Poker Raid Secrets’ that are helping police department vice units all across the country increase usable revenue by tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands a year!”).

In this case, the room that got busted was the hall of a volunteer fire department — and the guy running weekly fundraiser tourneys was a lawyer, meaning he’s far more inclined to challenge various poker legal issues in court. As things stand right now, the cops want the firemen to turn over $40,000 in poker earnings (they’ve already taken possession of $9k) and firehouse representatives are resisting. Will be very interesting to see how this one is resolved … race situation, imho.

UPDATE: Just to be clear to any non-poker readers out there, by “race situation” we are talking heads-or-tails, not black and white.

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  1. Mike G

    Are trying to say that black people can’t play poker? Just what are you trying to say, MAN? Why’d you have to go there

  2. DanM

    Dude, not even close. I am trying to say that the number of pros and known poker-badasses is more Asian-heavy than black. That’s just numerical fact. I could come up with dozens and dozens of Asians (if not more than 100 — anyone wanna lay a wager?) practically off the top of my head who have an accomplished record to their name and are regulars at big-tourneys around the country/world. Can only think of a handful of black dudes.

    Just look at the fields even in small events. Waaay more Asians, for whatever sociological reasons.

    Are you sure you didn’t mean to put this comment over here?