UPDATE: “Shmaustin Shmete”

by , Sep 4, 2008 | 8:19 am

Though it apparently took a while to get their payout system back in acceptably working action, Full Tilt has paid Boston Pedro his $4.5k:

Yes- i have received checks from them the last two weeks on about a ten day turn around from when requested. That is good.

Indeed, that is excellent to hear. Nice to know there are at least a few sites out there (other than Ultimate Bet/Absolute) that are able to take care of the players.

Backstory here and here.

Bodog, however, seems to be another story altogether … Hard to distinguish what are flame wars between jilted parties and what are real issues that may or may not have driven at least one affiliate to madness. I do know that at least one pending biz deal with some bloggers has been pulled off the table, but that doesn’t mean much … could’ve happened just as well for unrelated reasons when biz was all good. But clearly something unusual is up with Bodog — and what it is I am sure at least a few players will eventually find out, whether they want to or not.

Bodog shenanigans discourse here.

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