Poker (and Gay) on the Simpsons

by , Nov 2, 2008 | 10:47 pm

Keeping poker in pop culture …

In a sub-episode of tonight’s Simpsons Halloween Special XIX, Homer goes into the business of killing celebrities, the spirits of those he offs plot their revenge (with help from some historical ghosts) and come down from heaven to kill him, and — spoiler alert — when Homer dies he locks his already dead killers out of heaven, where he walks off into the sunset with Abraham Lincoln … and upon asking what’s on the night’s agenda, Abe says, “a poker tournament,” to which Homer responds, “Oooh!” before the great dead president grabs Homer’s ass.

Though I suppose it shouldn’t surprise us that anything to do with Sam Simon has poker on its mind, it’s good to see that sacrilege is still hip.

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