RE: Raise/Reraise: Tiffany Michelle on ESPN

by , Nov 4, 2008 | 11:20 am

Tiffany Michelle officially responded to the “clock-calling” incident with Paul Snead on her website today:

I’ve had several people asking about MY SIDE of the story in regards to calling the clock on Paul Snead in the WSOP Main Event which has now become an infamous clip on ESPN. This is my response…

Really? None of you have EVER under any circumstance called the clock in the middle of a poker game…ever? Trust me, I don’t make a habit of calling the clock on people. I think in four years of playing tournaments that was probably the second or third time I’ve ever done that.

Obviously ESPN doesn’t show or tell you how long Paul Snead was taking to make a decision (it was a looooooooooong time) and if it appeared that he was anywhere close to making a decision I would have stayed silent…. but you weren’t there, I was and he wasn’t anywhere close to a decision. I had been at the table with him for awhile and this was his typical process to make a bit of a fuss over his hands and his calls. He’d get up, pace around, talk to the audience and his friends on the rail. People forget that we’re all on camera, we’re at a featured table, player’s games change soooooooo much under those settings and it becomes more ‘acting’ and soaking up your five minutes of fame than actually playing a game of poker. I can guarantee you that if the TV cameras weren’t rolling it wouldn’t have taken him half as long to make a decision there. So yes, I chose to hold him accountable to the game of POKER even if it made me look less classy than humor another ‘Hollywood-er’.

Please don’t forget that the two of us were playing the same game for the same stakes. He was taking his time to decide and I was practicing my right (within the rules people) to ask for the clock since I was getting short stacked and the blinds were increasing… MY tournament life was at stake just as much as his.

More love… less hatorade!

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  1. Kevin Mathers

    She made that exact comment (removing the hatorade thing) in her responses to her “My Turn” post on 2+2 last week:

  2. Kevin Mathers

    When Tiffany was “short-stacked”, she had ~5.2m in chips when blinds were at 50/100k.

  3. tbonezz111

    So maybe she was short stacked to the table… maybe she was short stacked to the avg. stack…. maybe she felt she was short stacked to her comfort level…. REALLY people… Do I agree that it is unusual or maybe even a bit out of norm to call the clock when not in the hand, sure… but, if it were any other jacko at the table and not her this would NOT be the story it has become. If, like slow rolling or non-action playing, it were against the “code” of poker she would have gotten a warning, but, rather, it is well defined in the rules of poker and well within her rights to call clock. Like she said, she is not an abuser of this well-within-her-rights policy, so, can we find another topic to move onto??

  4. DanM

    Yeah, I just see it as part of the game. Rules are the rules and all … but it’s not like she slow-rolled.

    Personally, I would let someone else play table sheriff and call the clock … but whatever, she did, and it affected the game however it did. That’s poker. And one incident is never a true indicator of how someone really is.

    Arguably not her best move of the tourney … but I agree with T-Bonezz … why do we even care?

  5. sherij jines

    C u nt

  6. DanM

    Next time you are getting off an airplane, pay attention to the flight attendants … if they have a particularly problematic passenger, they’ll bid him (or more usually her) farewell saying, “See You Next Time.”

    (Get it? C U next time …)

  7. tbonezz111

    *** if they have a particularly problematic passenger, they’ll bid him (or more usually her) farewell saying, “See You Next Time.”

    (Get it? C U next time …) ***

    Now… that line is pure POKERATI poetry at it’s finest!!!

  8. Jason B

    Geez, Tiffany Michelle is this year’s WSOP version of Sarah Palin. No one will remember her in 6 months, and its a guarantee that next year ESPN will give her the moniker of “last year’s Maria Ho”. She’s not even in the league of other women in poker like the Duke’s, Harmon’s, Violette’s. In fact she’s the next Tiffany Williamsen or Erin Ness.

  9. anon

    Anyone can call clock. The reason this is a story is because of the insufferable way that she behaved leading up to the incident. While I am aware that the edited-for-tv version compressed the coverage down to her cockiness/rudeness and little else, I personally witnessed much of her act, and I almost believe that she came across better on tv than in real life.

    As other females were falling, TM was running from table to table (as briefly shown on espn) and leaning in to count chips, and celebrating as each woman fell. While TM should be proud of her accomplishment as the final woman, shouldn’t we be past that as an accomplishment? I believe that most women players would rather celebrate outlasting the men, if in fact they carry any interest in the “gender battle” at all.

    Second, and I’ll cop to being a bit catty here, TM is flat out not attractive, both live and in HD. You would have to believe by her act that she truly considers herself a beauty; being one point hotter than Kathy Liebert is not a bragging point. Frankly, TM makes Clonie look healthy and less addict-y.