LAPT Mexico Kinda/Sorta Rescheduled

by , Dec 9, 2008 | 11:53 am

This tournament just will not go away, but that’s probably a good thing for the 89 players who felt a little left out in the cold warmth. No shot at a televised final table or a piece of Latin American fame or more money than $5500.

So, PokerStars is offering a freeroll tournament online – time and date to be determined by the availability of the players – for the 89 finalists, who will start with the number of chips they had at the time of the suspension. The nine who reach the final table will be flown down to Vina del Mar, Chile, the site of the next LAPT stop in January, to play for the win…and for television.

“We know that many of our remaining players really wanted the opportunity to finish this tournament and earn their shot at an LAPT title” says Sarne Lightman, Director of Marketing for PokerStars Latin America. “Although the tournament was suspended and the prize money distributed, PokerStars still wants to offer their players this extra opportunity. PokerStars will also be adding $50,000 in prize money to the final table. “

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