NBC Heads-Up Celebrity Apprentice Championship

Annie Duke vs. Joan Rivers

by , May 3, 2009 | 11:59 pm

Congratulations to Annie Duke (and Joan Rivers) for making the final 2 of Celebrity Apprentice. I never woulda guessed in 2008 that these two ladies would be such a significant part of my 2009. I’m personally thrilled Annie has gotten this far, because now maybe we can force Huff to give the topic even more airtime on The Poker Beat. I’m hearing two lines of commentary amongst poker players — either shameless rooting for “one of our own” or tales from the bitter about her oppressive bitchiness on the felt, in the hallways, and just about anywhere else she’s done business.

Serious question though:

Is there anywhere you can bet on Celebrity Apprentice?

I mean I’m sure you can’t now, because you know, a few people already know the results. But could you have, at the beginning of the season, or before? I’m pretty sure Vegas casinos don’t offer non-sports entertainment betting lines … but online?

That question is semi-related to why I’m 65 percent certain Annie has this bracelet bridle in the bag. Annie’s got the stats, the results … and though she gave away a tell on tonight’s episode when she cried was super-duper-certain to let us know that she wrote the jingle and commercial and then at the last moment in front of Donald made a half-hearted attempt to give Brande some credit … well in the end, I think Donald sees her as a true Trump apprentice. Whether or not you think that’s a positive association, surely it’s comparatively accurate. Joan Rivers is not like Trump, though he respects the way she wields what she’s got.

In the end, though, Trump is a business-guy. So what’s in it for him? Annie’s literally got more staying power, by a few decades. And considering his casino biz is en route to bankruptcy … what do you think he’s more interested in acquiring — an endeared connection to the Las Vegas of old or the dollar signs connected to online gambling in the future?

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  1. Uncle Ray

    I don’t know who knows what about the finale, but NBC is touting the episode as a “live 3 hour final”.

    That leaves the impression that the outcome is not technically decided yet. So maybe one of the off shore or British books like Ladbrokes DOES have a line on it.

  2. Johnny Hughes

    I am pulling for Annie Duke in all things because of her charities. When she first came around Las Vegas, I played with her in the 10/20 limit. We were both on a lucky rush. She kept stopping Vegas folks or calling them over to the table to brag. She’d talk about the other players as if they were not really there. She was breaking ever rule of civility.

    She wished me to join her in evil gloating because the cards were running over me. I recall telling everyone about the rudest single fool I had ever met in Vegas, at limit. Cheap limit.

    I am pulling Annie Duke in all things because of her charities.
    She can match Joan River, Bitcho el Bitcho, any day.

    Johnny Hughes

  3. scott diamond

    I said it before and I will say it again. Do you think Donald Trump is where he is at today because he is a nice guy?

    Annie said it best last night she knows how to play the game. Lets hope the 75 year old Joan doesn’t have a stroke from all the hate built up inside her due to Annie’s bragging.

    If Annie does not win this.it will make the AP and UB scandals look like childs play.

  4. California Jen

    Dan, I don’t think you can bet on Celebrity Apprentice, but if anyone has it, it would be Bodog.

    About Annie, I’ve had some pleasant experiences with her in interviews, but I’ve seen the way she treats others in the poker room, and it’s not pleasant. And despite the fact that she and I have talked several times, she looks at me like a ghost – as if she’s never seen me before. But I agree with Johnny that her charity work is phenomenal and very important.

    I support Annie so wholeheartedly on this show because of her charity work and because she is currently representing poker players against a racist, narrow-minded opponent on Celebrity Apprentice. Go Annie!

    Scott, I’m not sure what any of this has to do with AP/UB scandals. Celebrity Apprentice is not fixed but IS at the discretion of Donald Trump’s preference in the end. The final decision will be made live on next week’s show, and no matter his decision or the reasons for it, it certainly has no makings of a scandal.

  5. Ed

    Bodog does not have it. Just that crap they call American Idol.

  6. scott diamond

    Just an analogy Jen, not meant to say CA is fixed, meant it to mean if Annie doesn’t win this it would be as bad as those two scandals.

    My dry humor at work again…:)

  7. steve hall

    I remember seeing the odds for Shannon Elizabeth + Penn Jillette for “Dancing with the stars” in the Wynn sportsbook. As you correctly pointed out though too many people are “in the know” about the finale.

  8. DanM

    I’m a little confused about the “live”ness of the finale. i’m pretty sure it’s not like a November Nine kinda thing.

    I also got a message from an old high school pal that ups my certainty to more than 65 percent:

    Annie, Trump (and I) share the same alma mater. It’s a done deal. Us Quakers stick together.

    I didn’t realize Annie and Donald went to the same college.

  9. Ed

    “I didn’t realize Annie and Donald went to the same college.”

    I didn’t realize Annie went to college. 😛

  10. Dianna Donofrio

    If Annie Duke does not come out as the Celebrity Apprentice I will be very surprised. She is a winner at poker, in life and in the ‘Boardroom’ and I am sure that Donald Trump sees that as well.

    Annie Duke, like Phil Hellmuth, Jr. knows how to play the game and how to market herself and Poker. What a slam JR gave to all poker players. Guess she is to old to realize that POKER is not only an American sport but is a world-wide SPORT! YOU GO ANNIE…we’re routing for you!

  11. BJ Nemeth

    I believe the live aspect of the finale is that the final challenge has already been completed, and the final board room meeting has already been held. So Annie and Joan have already completed the task and pled their cases before the jury … but the judge (Donald Trump) hasn’t issued his ruling yet.

    So NBC will show the two-hour finale, and cap it off with a cut to a live studio where Trump will announce his decision. They’ll then spend an hour of live TV discussing the season with some (possibly all) of the earlier contestants returning for the recap.

    Obviously, “live” only applies to the East Coast. Everyone West of the Mississippi will have to avoid Twitter and other things Sunday night to avoid spoilers.

  12. DanM

    ***two-hour finale***

    three hours, fyi.

  13. BJ Nemeth

    Poor writing on my part, or poor reading comprehension on your part? I’m at least partially to blame, so I’ll try to explain my comment more clearly.

    I’m breaking down NBC’s three hours of “Celebrity Apprentice” this way:

    1. A two-hour taped finale, similar to previous episodes — all about the task and the board room.

    2. A one-hour live recap, where the announcement is made and Annie gets to brag about her victory. There will also be a question-and-answer session to cover things like Joan Rivers’ love of Nazis, Dennis Rodman’s love of liquor, and how Clint Black could lose a songwriting contest to a tone-deaf poker player.

    Yes, they are calling it a single three-hour TV show, and apparently marketing it as “live.” But I think you’ll see a clear moment somewhere around the two-hour mark, where it transitions from taped content (the task and the boardroom) to live in a studio (announcement and post-game wrapup).

  14. DanM

    so semi-live … kinda like barack obama on election night or the november nine.

  15. Kevin Mathers

    I would assume any announcement of a winner will be closer to the end of the 3rd hour.

  16. Kevin Mathers

    Show’s on now, at the end of hour 1, I say chances of Joan winning are 80%.

  17. DanM

    I may have to step away from the computer to ignore all comments for the next two hours!

  18. Kevin Mathers

    And tweets I’m sure. It looks like the upcoming segment will really put Annie on tilt, so this will be my last comment here.

  19. BJ Nemeth

    The result wasn’t announced until the absolute final minute. Make sure your TiVo extends the recording to 11:01 pm, just in case …

  20. Jason B

    just saw the finale, and when donald fired annie it was the greatest “rivered” seen Ive ever witness. We he announce annie youre …youre … and see Annie light up almost giddy she won, he annouces “youre fired”! It was like a online player going all in on a one out draw, and annie saw the card and thought she won only to see her chips shipped to Joan. Awesome!

    BTW it was predictable the outcome.

  21. Frank Schroeder

    Annie was clearly hands down the winner. So, as so often happens these days, the game criteria was changed to reflect the politics rather than the results…too bad. We ALL LOSE!

  22. BJ

    Don’t be an azz Jen, by “FIXED” everyone means it was a setup, predetermined..

    Joan and Melissa were expected to be final 2. The intention was NEVER to let anyone win except Joan. EVER.

    Annie was pawn, used, abused, spit on and spit out. The treatment she was given by Joan and Trump is inexcusable and unacceptable.

    Joan quit. Joan did not “almost” quit as they lied on the show and said. She QUIT. Trump hates quitters but let that slide.

    Joan who is in the jewelry business did not pick the jewelry on her project. HUGE mistake and she lost. oh and Joan brought in the least $$ of any candidate on any team at anytime- they did NOT reveal this on the show.

    That occasion with many more, Joan absolutely sould have been fired.

    Trump’s sister in law is on the board of Joan’s charity. That is undisclosed collusion by the show, by trump, by the producer.

    Joan’s new show on TVLand is produced and owned by none other than Mark Burnett. The same guy who owns the Celebrity Apprentice. Again, this is undisclosed collusion by the C A show.

    It was setup, pre determined who would be handed the win this season. Trump also changed the rules. Last yr fund raising was 99% the reason Piers won.

    This year? well he knew Joan couldn’t raise money.. any money and he intended to hand her the win so how can he fix that? he changed the rules.. fund raising didn’t count for much all of a sudden IN A CHARITY COMPETION.. WTF?

    So trump changed the rules and fixed it. He never stopped Joan’s abusive language, he dared to agree with her when she mentioned the mafia. He sat there and allowed Joan to berate Annie endlessly, wk to wk and he did nothing.

    Then he hands the win to Joan.

    I wish her to hell for eternity. Never liked her. If any decent person really knew this woman’s past, they’d realize Joan is evil and the epitome of white trash.

    Trump can go to hell. He is an embarrassment to this country for what he let go on. Joan is a bad person inside and out. She’s despible as a person. Trump condoned the behavior then rewarded it.

    Disgusting. To hell with them both.

  23. DanM

    LOL, I’m going to assume that’s the Edbucks version of BJ … BJ Nemeth’s tone, maybe, but my kinda conspiracy theory.

  24. NancyG

    It was fixed alright!Go onto QVC.com Good old Joan has a line of jewerly being aired 5/11/09 from the APP BOARDROOM. give me a break Donald!! what a bunch of phony BS.

  25. California Jen

    I don’t respond to any comment that begins with someone calling me a name, especially someone who doesn’t know me.

    Annie was robbed of a win she truly deserved, and the general public who cheered Joan on as she insulted and berated Annie showed that they are just as shallow as Trump. Ridiculous all around.

  26. Scandal_Watch

    How do you take a show seriously when the winner is credited for her

    What a joke.

    Besides the associations that Trumps Nephew and former sister-in-law have with the winning Manhattan based charity.

    Then throw in that Joan Rivers has a deal for a reality show with Mark Brunett. Was she really gonna lose on The Apprentice then go on to have her own show? I think not.
    That wouldnt be very good advertising.

    What a joke.

  27. Truth Squad

    How is it that no one mentions that Donald Trump’s Sister in law, or ex sister in law Blaine TRUMP is on the Board of Directors for God’s Love We Deliver A 10 million plus a year charity located in New York City, with pictures of her and Joan rivers with their arms over each others shoulders, together on the 2007 and 2008 company pamplets.

  28. DanM

    oh, it get’s mentioned, i’m sure … i think it’s just in the comments on a more recent post.

    i still think it’s plausible that that might have something to do with her getting on the show … but i don’t think it’s evidence enough that the fix was in.