Police Arrest Suspected Cleveland Poker Bandits

by , May 4, 2009 | 6:03 am

Four masked men robbed a poker game last month — probably a $5/$10 NL game, but not certain — pistol-whipping one of the victims and making off with $78,000. Police arrested two men, ages 18 and 23, a few days ago in connection with the crime:

Here’s what happened, according to Solon police:

Sheffield police arrested the men after seeing them near a parked car off the side of a road. Officers believed they looked suspicious.

As officers approached, they saw the men throw items under the car. The items included credit cards, a drivers license and a concealed weapons permit.

Sheffield police contacted the owner of these items. He told them he was a victim in the poker game robbery.

The suspects had also thrown a wristwatch under the car. The watch belonged to a second victim in the robbery.

Also, police determined that the car the men were driving, a mid-1990s Buick, was purchased with cash the day after the robbery.

One particularly strange thing in this case: all the money from the game was apparently labeled with “WWBD”. What Would Brunson Do?

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  1. Kevin Mathers

    Or Bush, Barack, Britney, Bono, Batman, etc. etc.

  2. scott diamond

    I see a segment for “Dumbest Criminals” on the Horizon