WTO Hypocrisy?

by , Aug 14, 2009 | 10:21 am

Interesting op-ed in the New York Times today about the WTO and China, particularly pointing out the need for China to not just stop pirating American music and movies, but also to respect WTO rulings outright:


China has also increasingly turned to the W.T.O. to defend its interests. Last month, it challenged an American ban on Chinese poultry imports. It has another case against American anti-dumping policy. And there will be more. China has as big a stake as the United States in a well-functioning, lawful trading system. If it wants to protect its own rights, it will accept the W.T.O.’s rulings.

Funny. You’d think in the world of trade, this might be a two-way street. Perhaps the NYT is just a bit clueless on the US’s thumbing its nose at the WTO as it pertains to online gambling? And considering that we owe China more than they owe us … who’s really in the driver’s seat on this one?

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