Darvin Moon Pimping Wheeling Island Casino

by , Nov 9, 2009 | 1:07 pm

It’s pretty safe to assume that Darvin Moon didn’t get the memo that complementary promotion of the NFL goes against the ways of the pay-for-play online sites. However, it is not clear if his donning of attire for his local card room came at a cost. Check it out … though I didn’t see this yesterday, he’s clearly getting some good logo placement for the Wheeling Island Casino in Wheeling, West Virginia:

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We’ll see if we can’t find out what sorta deal is in place there if any, or if this is just a friendly gesture to the card room where he won his seat into the WSOP. Regardless though, it does make you wonder why sponsorships from the likes of The Venetian, Caesar’s, Bellagio, and other B&M card rooms have yet to come in play.

Beyond being the alligator on Darvin Moon’s Izod, here’s what we do know about the place, via the ThePokerAtlas:

Great Room
Wheeling Island
Wheeling, West Virginia
by fiftyouts

Even though this room has only 20 some tables it is very nice. Great staff and friendly folks. This is a “MUST PLAY” room if you’re in the area. The casino is upscale (you might think you’re in Vegas) with good action. This is the ‘Best Kept Secret’ of West Virginia !!!

photos: IMPD for WSOP.com

8 Comments to “Darvin Moon Pimping Wheeling Island Casino”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    Since he was wearing a Wheeling Island shirt in July, I think he either bought that shirt or Wheeling Island gave it to him.

  2. DanM

    same color and everything? maybe just a lucky shirt?

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Darvin Moon - Day 8

    If he was sponsored by Wheeling Island, you’d think they’d throw up his picture on their website.

  4. Snuffy

    LOL at everything about Wheeling Island. Shithole is a good description. Will probably go out of business if the slot parlor in Washington, PA gets live poker and table games.

  5. pokerface

    Its 2011 now, you don’t see all in on 2/9 darvin moon at the casino much,Who cares u cant win on the slots an the dog races r fixed. People come an go figure it out real quick! Then the drawings the same people get called alot! People figure that too. Don’t insult our intellegence! Why would someone want to come to wheeling your not the only game in town anymore. Wait til 2012 when OHIO gets slots. Ha ha the jokes on the worst casino in the country.

  6. pokerface

    hey moon your 15 minutes of fame is up! It was just cheap promo stunt by the wheeling island marketing dept.

  7. pokerface

    You won’t see the hick moon @ the casino. His time has run out the one tournament wonder just save some of the loot. ps wheeling island casino has some of the rudest bitches working in the players club!

  8. pokerface

    Its time for moon to change his shirt!