Joan Rivers on Doyle Brunson: Who the Hell is He?

by , Nov 10, 2009 | 9:59 pm

Wow, awesome. Joan Rivers appears on a sports-talk radio show (790 AM The Ticket) and ends up talking poker, before getting frustrated and hanging up on the guys.

She doesn’t know who Texas Dolly is and says he has no ground to stand on criticizing her until “he’s 76 years old and had a career like I’ve had”. Some truly laughable poker-hating gems.

Joan Rivers on Doyle Brunson



Doyle Responds


4 Comments to “Joan Rivers on Doyle Brunson: Who the Hell is He?”

  1. Marvin C

    Joan shows what a class act she is. Just a bitter old bitch that her fame has passed her by.

  2. DanM

    You know, even though she makes some pretty inaccurate comparisons in terms of a “career”, I think that were it to come down to a competition of earning the respect of your peers, Doyle wins hands down.

  3. scott diamond

    I am just a regular guy and have had the priviledge of meeting Doyle. After what he has been through in the Poker Community as well as life he is a tremendous person in my eyes. I look forward to reading his blogs and and cherish the the advice he gives.

    Joan Rivers on the other hand is an insecure whiney bitch of a women who has done nothing for anyone other than her daughter who is her mini me!

    She truly showed what she is all about in celebrity apprentice!!!!

  4. Mo Carpenter

    During apprentice, poker player’s were incredibly generous to all the charities involved only to have Joan call their contibutions “blood money.”

    To me that’s the most offensive part of everything she said and did.

    In our house, there is no river card. We call it the duke.