Main Event Follow Fridays on a Monday


by , Jul 5, 2010 | 6:32 pm

Gotta think the twitters are gonna be an important part of following the main event … from Days 1×4 all the way to the November Nine. We can presume, of course, you’re already following the essentials for play-by-play and more — @kevmath @pokerati @wickedchops @taopauly @bjnemeth @wsop @wsoptd @jesswelman (also doing @bluffmagazine) @espn_poker @matthewparvis @change100 @benjodimeo and @pokernews …

But a few others that you may wanna be sure to add for the main event and beyond include:

@Tom_Dwan — the real durrrr is now tweeting, and turns out he’s pretty good at keepin’ it real in 140 characters or less.

@JeffreyPollack — the former WSOP commish has resurfaced on the internet with warm wishes. Good to see him around WSOP parts again, albeit slightly removed.

@RioVegas — if the suits @Harrahs have done one thing right, it’s hire a good social media dude for The Rio who has proven surprisingly responsive and capable of putting smart tweeters in touch with the right people when necessary.

@TheRealAsianSpa — not sure if this is an alterego to the most vitriolic (but informed) poker hater on twitter or what … but either way, apparently @AsianSpa has taken the ways of @SamChauhan’s @PositiveReport to heart and can’t help but look at everything #WSOP as benefitting from a happy ending.

@GamingCounsel — was hoping others might not notice the Canadian attorney who’s proven a great source on the latest legal developments in the gambling world … but now my competitive colleagues all follow him, so if you care about poker laws, you should, too.

@TheGroupie — she’s just a poker fangirl who’s not in Vegas, but met this 20something poker-playing figure-skater PhD @riovegas just the other week, and for some reason couldn’t stop staring at her tweets.

@OskarGarcia — the AP’s Vegas-based reporter covering gaming is putting in some extra time at the WSOP.

@PUNTE — Josh Zerkle is a professional sports and social media-y kinda guy @WithLeather, and is keeping his WSOP micro-thoughts and observations here.

There … all those should do you extra-well. Feel free to leave any others @’s you think Pokeratizens and assorted poker fans might not wanna be missing this July in the comments.

6 Comments to “Main Event Follow Fridays on a Monday ”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    I suggest including @ftrainpoker @fulltilt_wsop @alcanthang @coolwhipflea @genebromberg as some other names to add to the list.

  2. Geoff Manning (@cprpoker)

    I’d like to throw @coolwhipflea into the mix.

  3. Geoff Manning (@cprpoker)

    Ahhhh, @kevmath beats me to the punch!!!

  4. DanM

    nice additions, yes. my bad+apologies for forgetting @ftrainpoker and the others. had @alcanthang intitially, but musta deleted him for some reason, lo-al. 🙂

  5. mattwaldron

    Wow…no @mattcwaldron? No more snacks for you.

  6. DanM

    you’ve gotten plenty of twitter love, lol … and did you just leave town or are you still around?