Male Players Sour Venetian Ladies Event

by , Jul 1, 2010 | 4:21 am

Don’t quite know the details, but it happened again. Apparently two men entered yesterday’s ladies event at the Venetian Deep Stack series. And at least one of them went relatively deep.

Here’s what I was able to glean from Facebook:

Annie LePage Bleeeehhhh… A freakin guy who crashed the ladies event and was totally rude to all of us at the table had to be the one busting me. I am sooo Mad!

Stacey Nutini yea well i was pretty pissed too busting in 16th and there was still one guy in…..i think they’re complete frickin morons to participate. and when you ask them why, their reason is always the biggest bullshit you’ve ever heard in your life.

The day before the Venetian ladies event, the Las Vegas Sun ran a story (with awesome art, btw) about the men who played in the WSOP ladies event. They’ve got a poll asking whether or not men should be allowed to play. Currently 40 percent say yes, and 59 percent say no.

OK, so it’s settled: the no’s have it … we can move on now, right? No?

Anyone got an over/under on how long before ladies events are eradicated completely? Because I sure can’t see — based on the above split alone — why this trend would eventually subside … not until the minority gets their way.

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  1. JamesDaBear

    ok… can we just require everybody who wants to play in a ladies event to show their last gynecological exam when they register? Not the details, just one that would have their name on it. Any woman old enough to play in a ladies event would have one. Let the guys go tell an OB/GYN they’re sexist for not scheduling an appointment with a man. If they go through the trouble of finding a doctor who will give them one (or at least charge them for it), then they can play.

  2. Randy213

    Stupid. Idiotic PR move. Taking something that has great intent and using it for their platform. Bah! I say bullcrap. Also, if it was simply your platform, you wouldn’t be battling to win. I’m guessing your the guy who tried to hit the girls in dodgeball…lil anger issue??

    Ever have a guys night out? Did you take your wife? No, you didn’t… Have you ever entered an “employee” tourney..when you don’t work there? How about heading to the bathroom with the girls to powder your nose, they always seem to travel there in packs..Have you thought about joining the pink ladies? no, you haven’t. How about trying for a spot on the WNBA? ..didn’t think so.

    Have you thought of joining a gay pride parade?Are you planning to picket the next seniors event because your under 60? no, your not.

    Here’s the skinny…There is nothing wrong with a specialized event. For any cause or reason. If you join a gender or age specific tourney, what’s the harm? There isn’t any.

    So, are you now going to try and head to the ladies room instead of the mens when you have to find relief? Are you going to stalk the next cancer benefit cause you oppose that it isn’t for MD? no, your not.

    If you truly have issues you want to be heard…Get off your arse and use a lil drive to create something for your cause. (let me know cause I love to give and play in charitable events)

    I think Fireman has a great idea and it should be expanded on. At the same time, I think there is no reason that you can’t have tourney’s for specific groups whether it’s men, women or any other catagory.

    Grow up and get a life.

  3. Michele Lewis

    No clue. I played with all men yesterday. I think.

  4. BJ Nemeth

    The poll is irrelevant to solving the issue. It doesn’t matter if 75% think men should be allowed to play, or if the percentage is 25% or 1%. The only thing that matters is how many men actually pay the entry fee and sit down and PLAY.

    Besides, freedom of speech and all other protections are about protecting the minority, no matter how small. The majority is never the one that needs legal protections. And the law says that you can’t restrict entry into an event like this solely based on sex. The guys don’t need to offer a reason; they just need to pay their entry fee. (Any attempt to create a different criteria with the same result, like an OB/GYN exam, would still be against the law — it’s similar to the Jim Crow laws that kept blacks from voting by adding additional non-race qualifications that they had no chance of meeting.)

    Anyone who has spent time in the poker world should know that banking your hopes on people not being assholes or douchebags is a fool’s errand. And if you start talking about the way the world “should” be, then please focus on something more substantial and important than ladies events.

    If women will still play in ladies events with a few men in the field, then those events will likely continue. But if the presence of a small percentage of men ruins it for most of the women to the point where they stop playing, then ladies events will disappear.

  5. BJ Nemeth

    LOL … the sidebar to the article said, “Professional player Shaun Deeb came to the tournament dressed in drag, complete with lipstick, a wig and what appeared to be braless falsies.”

    Falsies? Those were natural! (To quote Teri Hatcher on Seinfeld: “They’re real, and they’re spectacular.”)

  6. Grange95

    Last night, I played a cash game at the local casino (Prairie Meadows Racetrack, Casino, & ATM in Des Moines, Iowa), and they had their weekly Ladies Night tournament. There were 59 runners, and at least 40% were men. The final table had at one point 6 men and 1 woman (who finished third). Yup, two men end up heads up for the weekly ladies tourney. Stay classy, folks!

    FWIW, here’s my solution to the problem:

  7. DanM

    BJ, I pretty much agree with you — though continue to take the no-opinion position on good or bad.

    If it is just a matter of the same ladies events with just a teensy few male entrants … indeed, nothing will change, and the ladies will keep showing up.

    however, based on the debate and commentary you see on 2+2 and elsewhere, i’d think the percentage of males in the field will only grow.

    didn’t we have two male winners of ladies tournaments in 2009? then in 2010 we see the WSOP ladies event go from 0 to 10ish. and a few weeks later we see the venetian ladies event go from 0 to 2.

    do you really think these numbers will shrink over time? i could be wrong, but i only see them growing … and on a steep curve. going from 0 to 2 is tough. 2 to 10 also pretty tough. but once you’ve had 10, how far away are we from 30? And at that point, can 150 be far behind?

    based on your own take on the masses of male poker players, is there a cap to how much douchiness can be out there?

    nitty geek-wonk note: would be interesting though to watch these curves over time, because eventually, the male entries would be enough that large groups of women would stop showing up. would like to know where that shift to decrease occurs! and then, at the point where it just become an open tournament, when do the womens numbers begin to resemble something like traditional female numbers in open events (< 5%). And you know, I hadn't thought about this, but if it ever got to a point where it was a semi-open event drawing 50 percent female ...? Don't tell anyone this, but I think I might like to play in that!

  8. Grunkzzz

    Where is the mens only event? Give a mens only event and I will deem it fair.

  9. JamesDaBear

    Dan… that would be a great event. A shoot out event where every table starts off with half men and half women… first come, first serve. Watch the men frantically trying to recruit women to play so they can get in.

    I would also be in favor of men getting in IF they either bring a woman with him or a woman brings him with her. Can’t charge anyone with discrimination if a guy is such a douchebag that no woman would want to bring him with or agree to go with him.

    Men’s only events is the douchiest idea ever, right up there with Caucasian History Month… but it’s probably the only solution that would work.

  10. Grunkzzz

    I probably wouldnt play in either a mens only event or a womens but whatever

  11. change100

    You know how I feel about guys who crash ladies’ events and I’ve already exhausted the topic in writing over the last few weeks, so here’s the short version– attention-seeking scumbag wankers.

    Is it just me being cranky after 5 weeks at the Rio, or has the douchebag factor gone absolutely off the charts this summer?

  12. TOCurmudgeon

    One possible solution might be an intramural event with a women’s and a men’s division. Prize money for each division would be based on entries for that division. If it were up to me the winner of the women’s event would win a bracelet and the men’s event winner a beaded handbag; however, I know that wouldn’t fly.


    There’s never going to be a fix to this issue. Our society breeds individuals who are defiant in many ways. “Ladies Events” should be just for ladies but because the Supreme Court of our land say’s we cannot be gender discriminatory “men” can play in this event.

    True Men would not register for this event. However they want to be defiant so they do or they are mommas boys and wish they had a skirt instead of pants?

    Or maybe they think they can pick up on some of these lonely women who enter these events.

    Also, if the Ladies did not make such a big deal out of men entering they attention getters would probably fade away into obscurity.

    I think this is an issue that really shouldn’t be an issue and as long as Casinos keep advertising “Ladies” events they will come if they put it on.Like the saying in the Movie..

    The only way for it to stop being a topic is not to have anymore Ladies only events, but thats to logical and the Casinos are getting free advertising off the controversys

  14. DanM

    the only way to solve this at the world series would be to rope off the entire amazon room, stick some porta potties in it, and call the whole thing a ladies restroom. i’m pretty sure that would work legally. not sure how it would work logistically at the venetian.

    @change100 … yes, i agree, the dbag quotient is higher this year than any i remember. we need to revisit our bracketology, because we called it early!

  15. crazisexikool

    Dr. Pauly hit the nail on the head when he said it is a matter of RESPECT! these douchebags have no respect for women or themselves. They taint everything. Maybe if they had their own tits and vajajays to play with they would stay home and let us have our own fun. At my local casino we have a battle of the sexes tourney everyweek. the guys have theirs and the girls have theirs. then the final table is
    the top 5 of each sex. for the last 6 weeks – we have trounced the guys. even when is was just a ladies tourney, we only once had a guy enter in drag, because he lost a bet with his buddies. He lasted 2 levels and I busted him out. It was one of my favorite memories. Real Men step up to the plate and truly respect Women.

  16. DanM

    Just got this word from one of the ladies who played:

    There were 158 entrants, 18 cashed. There were three
    guys. Two of them busted before the money, the other guy was still in with
    15 left. How far he went I do not know. I also didn’t see any of them act
    like a-holes, I just heard one of them did.


    Dr.Pauly was absolutely correct..”RESPECT” more of which we could use in this country.

    I have always respected others. Losing my mother as a kid made me respect women a lot more in my life because I have seen friends get mad at their moms or treat their wives poorly. Women brought us into this world fed us bathed us changed our poopy diapers and tried to mold us into good individuals. I have so much more respect for women because of this and if they want a Damn Ladies Event let them have it!!!

    The real men in this world understand.

  18. wtf really?

    I believe in ladies events. If these guys have shown anything it is that women are not as good as men.( in poker) Please take this as constructive feedback. I truly believe that women poker players can be just as good as men. But these men are cashing at what seems like unbelievable rates. These men are thriving in an enviroment that is very hostile. Which happens to be the main reason most women give for waiting these events. If you look at the results: a guy won in Atlantic City, Top 15 at Venetian, 12 guys enter wsop ladies out of over 1000 women players but a guy still cashes and a guy finished 5th in Califonia. I am sure there are more results out there. The results show why the number of men entering will most likely increase. IT is a money issue. The results show a women’s event is needed. Again PLEASE do not attack me as I am just stating what the results seem to imply. Women are equal to Men. Jen Harman, amoung others, has proven this. They just are not there yet. Women might like my support but probably do not like why I am suporting them.

  19. Scott Neuman

    Completely wrong. Men should not be allowed to play in the ladies events. How man don’t get it is beyond me. Guess they think the ladies are a soft touch and can’t handle the mens events. Banning them from play in all events is fine. Let the ladies play. More then enough games to go around.

  20. Randy

    Shaun Deeb is a total jack*ss, period…and his publicity stunt has turned this into an out of control animal. Anyone that finds humor in degrading women and poaching a tournament because it’s seen as an “easy mark” is simply a dirt ball. period. Your not a player..your a douche bag and your mom should slap you, hard.

    If your that hard up (deeb), that you have to crash an event in order to try and make some cash…I personally invite you to try and take mine. I’m a guy though, so don’t be affraid!!!

    Where are these “rights movement” players all year round? They aren’t burning their bra’s (see BJ’s comment)..and wait, should we call it their “bro” (more Seinfeld) so it’s the male formation of the word and not sexist?

    If you really look at it, what’s most important….your making men look bad and returning us to the “your a neandertal and will take anything instead of earning something” mentality. Your screwing the respectable and honorable men in this poker world.

    There’s plain out nothing wrong with having a tournament geared towards a specific group…any specific group. It’s not a matter of equality in ability. It’s not even a matter of sexism. It’s a matter of respect, honor, ethics and personal morals.


    P.S. I will never accept a letter that you (Deeb) must read word for word and stumbled through as an’s not of the heart and it’s not’s a PR response, congrats…and get a life.

  21. timmayy

    You clearly have sand in your vagina, we can do whatever the fuck we like, if i seen a poker tournament that soft i’d enter in a heartbeat. You should spend your time of the month in a kitchen somewhere not polluting the interwebs with ur hormonal horseshit.

  22. JamesDaBear

    Correct! I’d have a metric ton more respect for Shaun Deeb if he had said any of that before he put on a dress to enter a woman’s tournament. I might buy some of his story, but not sure which parts and it doesn’t really matter since any one aspect of it is enough for me to lose any respect for him. He waited to post that after he had already stumbled through his story in front of the women he offended, the maelstrom had started and his ability to get laid without paying for it crept further and further into nothingness.

  23. compncards

    Shaun Deeb “apology” is just spin IMO. During the Stud 8 event later in the week, he was talking to someone about what he could do to improve his image. If he was really playing to make a statement, why would he care about his image?

  24. Randy

    New Image? lol…hate to inform you Shaun, you HAVE a new image, question is whether or not you enjoy the “doucheous maximus” Deeb image.

    Hmm, you can now wear spartan armor and sing in a high pitch and no one will question you, the poker world at large knows you a complete tool..being led around on a leash, and you can’t even apologize without someone writing it down for you…not really a great image Shaun.

    OK, so you don’t like the image….and Ya want to make things right, next buy 10 seats to the tourney, stand in the lobby and hand them out to female poker players…not Annie (that’s a douche/tool move bro), you give them to COMPLETE STRANGERS. Then you volunteer to deal at the event and every WOMAN that sits at the table, you ask their forgiveness and offer a simple heartfelt “I’m sorry for being a jack*ss, I’m young and dumb and it won’t happen again.”

    I’ll hold the comic relief about my cousin who wants you to join his parade, all you need is ductape and a case your interested. I once again offer my chips at the table, heads up.