Perspective of an Internet Poker Player

Minnesotan pro talks about how the shutdown impacts her life

by , Apr 16, 2011 | 11:47 am

I’m not someone that makes their income from online poker (ok, I dreamed someday I could get out of the micro-grind), which may seem odd given how much time I have devoted to covering the topic of poker legislation in the past year. But I love the game of poker, and believe that people have the right to derive income off their skills in the United States, and have the ability to work in a regulated and protected marketplace.

Yesterday I was approached by press asking me what online players were feeling about the operational shutdown of the three major poker brands, and I did not feel at all qualified to answer, except to maybe related aspect of the conversations I have had with those that do. Still I thought the perspectives of real people that have had their careers taken away was one that is one worth telling, and one that might help drive the successful legislation of poker by federal and/or state governments, similar to what has been done recently in the District of Columbia.

I am also concerned that the federal government will do nothing to help people recoup their funds that are offshore, should payout be impeded. Even the bill draft floated around Congress by Harry Reid contained a specific plan, in the event the government passed the bill, and sites were shut down for “blackout”.

I tweeted asking for input, and I received an email from a Minnesotan online poker professional, Danielle Andersen, and am attaching her thoughts below.

If anyone else wants to relate about how this impacts their lives, as a player, media member, poker coach, or anyone in the poker industry, please email me at [email protected]. I won’t share anything unless you give me permission to do so.

Scarlet Robinson

My name is Danielle Andersen and prior to yesterday, when the DOJ swooped in and essentially cut access to internet poker sites for American players, I played poker for a living. I started playing poker in college, for fun with friends. When it became apparent I had a natural talent, I deposited exactly $50.00 online. That was in 2005 and to this day, I haven’t deposited more than that initial $50.00

I played no-limit cash games online under the screen name “dmoongirl.” The income I made playing online poker allowed me to pay my way through nursing school. I graduated in May, 2010 as a registered nurse. My job as a poker professional also allowed my husband to complete his schooling. He will finish his teaching licensure in physical education this spring and was set to return to graduate school this fall to obtain his masters degree in health, but now I doubt we can afford it.

Right now I’m in shock and I’m not sure what my plan is. I will probably start applying for nursing jobs but the market is tough in the Southern Minnesota area I live in, and with no experience I’m not sure I’ll find anything right away. I could move to Vegas and play live poker, but I can’t bear the thought of taking my three year old away from the extended family whom he adores and leaving him is not an option. Right now some of my money is tied up in the poker sites and I’m not sure when or even if, I will ever get it back. I’m scared for my families future and I can’t help but feel very betrayed by my own government.

For more detail on the situation and how I’m feeling about the future you can check out my blog ->

6 Comments to “Perspective of an Internet Poker Player”

  1. criscarter

    I call BS on her only deposited $50. I mean, seriously, no way.

    I play 3 times a week on UB, made over $10,000 easily, but have probably deposited about the same amount I believe.

    sorry, everyone can SAY they win, but not everyone does.

    also, since Feb 1 on UB, the games have been crazy bad, horrible bad beats and dont even try online blackjack on UB, dealer won 55 of 62 times.. I counted. so UB knows the fix was coming in my opinion.

  2. pokerplayer123

    I’ve played online for several years and long ago cashout my own money and also a mid six figure profits playing mostly midium and low buy in large field tournaments, with almost 17% in the money rate for over 3000 tournaments and last couple of monthes went just about 0 for 120 tournies with no cashes. I got beat on just about every possible way never winning a coin flip and losing to 2 and 3 outters, it just make you wonder about the intergrety of the game. not that I had complete confidence to start with

  3. pokerplayer123

    Sorry I meant mid five figure something like $50k not mid six figure.

  4. Ipokergood

    You are in denial if you think people can’t just deposite a certian amount and never look back. I have been playing on AP for over a year now, and consistently making a great profit since. I deposited $25 and have never deposited since. Just because you don’t know how to grind and manage a bankroll and make consistent money, doesn’t mean everyone eles doesn’t.

  5. TongueLashin

    Im in a similar boat as Danielle, sadly. I too have deposited a small pittance of $220 dollars lifetime for online poker, (only 120 $ for live) I withdrew $800 just last month alone to pay my bills. I would like to now pull out my rent and bill money for this month and obviously cannot.

    I have no idea what Im going to do to pay my rent this month. My family is deceased… I been on my own for over a decade, and I am not even left with enough time to beg my government for some sort of rental assistance, or get a job (though im disabled several days a month besides) Poker is my independance. Poker is my bread and butter. Poker makes *my* world go round!

    How can our government do this to us “in the name of America”? If anybody really and truly gave a fig about the American ppl not going broke due to addiction problems, they should move to place a 50$ /week limit on deposits from USA players and call it a freaking day! GG!! Of course, on the other hand, our government may not actually care about us at all and this is solely a ploy to make a quick buck by hook or by crook! Where is my President who promised me these midnight laws that were passed, like the UIGEA, would be overturned cause theyre unconsitutional , and just downright shady?! Killing the right to persue *our* American dreams and goals is not only deplorable, but its flat disgusting! Whats next Uncle Sam?

    P.S. People play poker for many reasons! Only some of them are playing to support themselves! A great many of the people that play poker for money are exceptionally patient, calculated, thoughtful, creative, mathmatically adept people. These are people from every walk of life, with anything between a masters degree and homeschool! Pls stop trying to fit us into one box and discard us! Please leave the labelng of other people to us; its what we do, some of us for a living, and we are far better at it than you Uncle Sam!

    P.S.S. Show me a dollar rebuy brick and mortar game 400-12,000 players that runs 2-8 times daily, in which I can have multiple entries simultanelously and I will surrender in my fight for online poker at once! Until then, its game on!

  6. Ryanbest00

    I believe her. I turned 10 bucks into well over 200k playing part time over 4 years.