Poker Affiliate World Turns off Tilt

by , Jun 8, 2011 | 1:12 am

We don’t really know the affiliate world here at Pokerati, but we still sometimes get their emails. And this one reveals, I think, another important cog in the Full Tilt machinery grinding to a halt. Either that or it’s nothing … but I’m not really believing people these days who tell me what seems like something is nothing.

You tell me. It’s different, that’s for sure … I do know Poker Affiliate World is a pretty big mega-affiliate that at least at one point was owned (at least in part) by PokerNews … and with or without Tony G’s involvement, a huge chunk of online poker signups pass through PAW in some capacity.

From: Poker Affiliate World
Date: June 7, 2011 6:01:44 PM PDT
Subject: Full Tilt Withdrawal Option Disabled – Temporarily

Dear Affiliate,

Due to recent issues with Full Tilt Poker in regards to “Black Friday” we have temporarily removed Full Tilt player transfer from our withdrawal options until further notice.

We are confident of a resolution in the near future so please feel free to use another method or wait until this option is reinstated.


The PAW Team

Hoping someone who understands this stuff better than I can clue me in to what I’m missing between the lines.

Meanwhile, Tony G is saying that he might skip the 2011 WSOP … supposedly because he can’t keep up with the young players. Ahh, if only it could be that simple this year.

4 Comments to “Poker Affiliate World Turns off Tilt”

  1. Riley G Matthews Jr

    I finally recieved my APRIL FTP affiliate payment well over a month late and transfered it to my players account. I believe that FTP is/has made this mote amount available to all it’s affiliates as it’s an asset/liability that must be handled before:
    1      FTP goes belly up, or
    2      Gets their books in order before a sale.

    I say belly up… I deleted my amounts transfered to my player accounts, and reference numbers for security reasons.

      Affiliate Username:  Broadsword
       Date and Time:       2011-06-03 08:02:04
       Transfer Number:     —-deleted—-
       Amount:              $-deleted- (USD)
       Status:              APPROVED
    Your affiliate payment is now available in your affiliate account.

    –          And then after I transferred them to my player account  on FTP  –

    This is an automated message sent from Full Tilt Poker.
       Affiliate Username:  Broadsword
       Player ID:                          Broadsword
       Date and Time:       2011-06-03 10:00:38
       Transfer Number:     —-deleted—-
       Amount:              $–deleted- (USD)
       Status:              APPROVED
    Your player transfer has been approved.
    Thank you for partnering with Full Tilt Poker

    I have run my own affiliate codes since Full Tilt Poker first opened up for business years ago. In fact I was there well before it went REAL cash, and was only a play money site. Kind of like now in the USA.
    As to FTP updates… They have been nil to far between since Black Friday in regards to what FTP is trying to get done to release our US Player funds.

  2. Dan Michalski

    >> They have been nil to far between since Black Friday in regards to
    what FTP is trying to get done to release our US Player funds. <<

    is it the "releasing" of funds that you want, or just the funds
    wherever they come from. because it says it pretty clearly in the
    legal docs … there's nothing they can do to release the seized
    funds. FTP is literally handcuffed from doing anything with funds the
    DOJ has and has no intentions of giving back.

  3. Riley G Matthews Jr

    Nothing in the way of funds can be transfered off of FTP to US Players/accounts (and it appears to others outside the USA as well) . The FTP Affiliate money is allowed to transfer to my players account, and that, I can not get off, just as all other US accounts. I doubt that FTP has the funds to pay anyone anyway… Just as in a BANK RUN…

  4. Riley G Matthews Jr

    In response to the original posting, it appears that between the lines that Poker Affiliate World’s rake back with and others using PWA as a FTP rake back site is cancelled because PWA cannot get it’s FTP affiliate funds either, so they in turn have to stop it’s rake back it’s clients as well. Just as I and other direct FTP affiliates can’t get them from http://FTP...

    All is safe, and pay no attention to the DOJ behind the FTP curtain…