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Stuart Hoegner is Managing Director of Gaming Counsel, PC. An expert in international gaming law, mergers and acquisitions, and taxation, his day job entails advising owners of internet poker brands, professional poker players, and operators of online skill games, casinos, auction sites, bookmakers, and media operations.

A member of the International Masters of Gaming Law, Stu began writing for Pokerati and otherwise being free and easy with opinions in 2010. In his spare time he enjoys playing golf, reading books about history and grammar, and shooting craps.

Posts by Gaming Counsel:

  • Intervening DOJ

    01 Feb 2013

    As indicated earlier, the federal Department of Justice has intervened in the New Jersey sports betting case and filed a brief in support of PASPA. You can download and read the DOJ’s memorandum here. Kudos to gaming attorney Griffan Finan for tweeting that the brief had been filed and is available on PACER. The DOJ rejects the […]

  • Will Toronto Roll the Bones?*

    29 Jan 2013

    Toronto’s my adopted hometown. I’ve lived here off and on since I came to the University of Toronto for law school in 1993. Toronto has a lot going for it: great restaurants for a city of its size, wonderful family activities and amenities available, and mostly a clean and highly liveable place. It also has horrible […]

  • Thoughts on awards

    08 Dec 2012

    Something a little different this time, folks. I want to set out some very brief thoughts on who I think deserves a Canadian legal blog award. Some (most?) of you in the poker world won’t care about this, but I will highlight some gaming-related recommendations, so I think it’s worth sticking with it. Here are my […]

  • Farewell Rob Ford?

    26 Nov 2012

    In a surprising move, the Ontario Superior Court has removed Toronto Mayor Rob Ford from office. The facts behind the removal are convoluted, but basically the Mayor voted to rescind a sanction by Toronto City Council after he reasonably ought to have known that, by so voting, he would be violating the provincial Municipal Conflict of Interest […]

  • Bill C-290: The showdown

    25 Nov 2012

    Bill C-290 is a draft law currently before the Canadian Parliament. It’s a short bill that repeals one paragraph in the Criminal Code. That paragraph is s. 207(4)(b), which excludes betting on “any race or fight, or on a single sport event or athletic contest.” Currently, because of paragraph 207(4)(b), the provincial lottery monopolies only offer […]

  • Going Legit

    17 Nov 2012

    The arrest questioning of Norbert Teufelberger in Belgium on Tuesday seems as good a time as any to post about something that may seem obvious to many but still gets asked often enough (and perhaps too often): how to build an Internet gaming business that’s onside the laws of the jurisdictions in which it operates. The […]

  • Gaming law mavens

    07 Nov 2012

    My intention was to post a blog about the International Masters of Gaming Law fall conference last month while I was in Europe. Obviously that didn’t work out. It’s almost a month late and everyone’s still talking about yesterday’s US elections. But I got so much out of the conference, and the coverage of gaming and […]

  • Update on New Jersey Sports Betting Case

    21 Sep 2012

    I haven’t done a post on the NCAA v. Christie matter since early last month. There have been several letters in the court file back and forth between plaintiffs’ counsel and the New Jersey Attorney General’s office (representing Governor Christie and the other individual defendants), but the item I want to briefly mention here is […]

  • Shifting Opinions: United States v. DiCristina

    18 Sep 2012

    I intended to blog about the DiCristina decision since it was released on August 21st, but I haven’t made the time until now. With the usual great commentary about the case coming from all over the gaming spectrum, many of the more interesting points about the facts of the case itself and about what it […]

  • NCAA v. Christie

    08 Aug 2012

    Yesterday several sports leagues and the NCAA filed a civil action in federal district court in New Jersey against the state’s governor, Chris Christie, and other state officials. The complaint seeks to prevent New Jersey’s implementation of its sports betting regime (permitting sports wagering at licensed casinos and racetracks within the state), passed earlier this year. The […]