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  • Robin Hood of Blackjack

    09 Sep 2008

    I just read this news story and I have to say, I am slightly creeped out. Not really sure why. Then I went to Robin Hood’s own site, and after seeing the circa 1988 (pure guess there) of Caesars Palace, I am now officially creeped out. He might be a lovely man. He might even […]

  • The “Ladies” Event at the WSOP

    09 Jun 2008

    New York Times is getting in on the action too. My favorite part of the article is the last paragraph.

  • Her Name is Rio

    08 Jun 2008

    This is Lisa, your guest Blogger for the evening. Robert’s in the 7 pm and I decided to bust out right after the break. I tell him to win the tournament and that I’m headed to the room. Here’s what happened. I get to the room, door won’t open. No lights on lock at all. […]

  • To go along with Jen’s

    07 Jun 2008

    To go along with Jen’s post the other day: It would be nice if men would notice a woman among them and curtail their crude discussions @ table.