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  • SitNGoSlacker

    22 May 2008

    Isn’t the proper etiquette to wait two weeks when responding to a prop bet challenge via a blog post? Ok, so in my defense, I was actually out-of-town when Karridy posted his challenge.  The 9 days since I’ve been back in town? Karridy stole my other defense – so I’ll just go with “I’m a […]

  • SitNGo Heads to Sin City… Finally

    31 Oct 2007

    Ok, I’m officially in poker withdrawal. I haven’t been playing at all lately and have spent the last 6 months listening to the exploits of Tom as he conquered the WSOP and final tables at the WPT. To make matters worse, my good friend Karridy has been able to experience these events, traveling to both […]

  • BTT: Prodder Fodder

    21 Aug 2007

    The latest and greatest episode of Beyond the Table is up. Learn how Tom acquired his new nickname (will it stick?), listen to Dan’s excellent “Man on the Street” interviews – Does anyone know who the WSOP POY Tom Schneider is? How happy was the Main Event Bubble Boy about being prodded interviewed by Dan? […]