SitNGo Heads to Sin City… Finally

by , Oct 31, 2007 | 1:34 am

Ok, I’m officially in poker withdrawal. I haven’t been playing at all lately and have spent the last 6 months listening to the exploits of Tom as he conquered the WSOP and final tables at the WPT. To make matters worse, my good friend Karridy has been able to experience these events, traveling to both the WSOP and a WPT final table. And to top it all off, the rest of the Beyond the Table gang was just in Vegas last week-end for the 1st Annual Poker Bowl. Not just attending, but providing live broadcasting and PR duties for the event! In short, my non poker playing ass is really happy for them jealous as shit.

Yeah, Yeah – no one wants to hear my pity party – so I decided to get off my ass and book a trip to Vegas for what will be a much needed break from the kids for both myself and the always lovely Mrs. SitNGo! We land Thursday afternoon and stay thru Sunday and I should get plenty of quality poker in as we only have tickets to one show (“O”) and I overheard Mrs. SitNGo telling a friend on the phone that I would be playing poker the whole time and she was looking forward to spending all of my hard earned money having some alone time. Following the advice of Dan and Tom, and some independent research at All Vegas Poker, I booked us at the Venetian. I can’t wait for the trip, but I admit I have some nervous excitement to finally get back at a poker table. The room review at All Vegas makes the Venetian room sound great, but the competition sounds stiff. Some quotes from others who have gone there:

“These guys were very good. Where I come from (Oklahoma Indian Casino Poker rooms) you could limp in for 2 bucks and see a flop most of the time. At Venetian, you could not see a flop for less then 10 bucks.” – Is it a bad sign that the majority of my live cash game experience is at Oklahoma Indian Casino’s?

“Probably the toughest room I’ve ever played in.” – Great.

“First of all no one at my table brought it in for less that 20 and it ranged to thirty literally, pre -flop!!and then you look weak if you don’t up it after the flop so its not really 1-2 by any means more like 1-25$.” – Some concern here as I definitely don’t want to play pre-flop action that will be stretching my already meager $1/2 NL bankroll.

I shared my concerns with the Beyond the Table crew and Dan texts me:

“Puhlease. The 1/2 competition there is plenty weak. I played against a weak player who i clearly had on a flush draw … And when he hit it, he reached for his wallet thinking he could buy more chips. It was an obvious tell.

You will find the game easier than burleson.” – Fair enough Dan and point taken – there is definitely no reason psyching myself out before I even play a hand!

Along with that cash game action, I plan on playing in 1 tournament and providing daily updates here – nothing better to keep your play sharp than announcing your win/loss rate – right? Here’s hoping that I have enough cash to last for the required 6 hours of play per day to qualify for the poker rate!

10 Comments to “SitNGo Heads to Sin City… Finally”

  1. Lisa

    May I recomment Tintoretto in the Venetian shops as a nice place to grab a quick italian cafe meal? Robert & I love their eggplant parmigiana, we share it w/ a Limonata. Yum.

    I know this isn’t a foodie blog. Just wanted you to have a nice place for the “courtesy” meal that you knew would be quick.

  2. DanM

    We actually have done a restaurant review here before, Lisa. (Hmm, future copy editor foodie correspondent? I like the possibilities …) Sadly, Merkow’s is now closed. I can’t tell you how many non-poker people talk about how great that place was. But anyway …

    Good luck, Steve. I am sure you will kick some tourist ass at the cash tables — playing straight-forward tight-aggressive to win a couple hundred bucks that you will find some other way to lose before you leave town.

    Has Karridy given you any roulette coaching yet?

  3. Lisa

    Oh. And avoid the gypsies!

  4. California Jen

    I’m sure the poker room will be fine, especially on the weekend when the tourists are in town wanting to try that crazy thing called poker for the first time.

    But if you find it tough there, I’ve heard that there are other casinos in town. And on the Strip. Within walking distance or a short cab ride. Could be just a rumor, but I may be right on this. 😉

    Good luck, and we’ll be looking for your reports!

  5. SitNGoSteve

    Lisa – I’ll make sure to swing by Tintoretto – always appreciate a good food tip!

    Dan – no roulette coaching from Karridy yet. If I’m not mistaken, his basic strategy is to scout out the tables and find someone that is winning big – then copy his bets. I’m sure I’ll have no problem blowing any poker profits on Craps – or even War as I did at the MGM last time I was in town. Uncle Tom would NOT call that “Winning Wisdom” – doh!

    Jen – yeah, yeah 🙂 I’ve enjoyed the Monte Carlo in the past as a nice low stakes room. I’ve also played at the Excalibur before and it’s fish heaven – I’m sure I’ll head over there or someplace similar if I find the going tough. My main reason for attempting to stick it out at the Venetian is the play requirement to qualify for the poker room rate.

  6. DanM

    ***the Venetian is the play requirement to qualify for the poker room rate.***

    I think you mean the play “requirement.”

  7. SitNGoSteve

    Yeah, that last sentence I wrote is confusing. I should have said – I will play at the Venetian as they require you to play 6 hours of cash games per day to qualify for their reduced poker room rate.

  8. DanM

    Indeed, and I am saying that “requirement” is more like a “request.”

  9. Karridy

    One day we will have comments from readers. Good luck, SnG.

  10. SitNGoSteve

    Ahh – I see your subtelty between the two terms. If all else fails, my overwhelming charm, er Tom Schneider name dropping, should get me the lower rate.