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Hitler Playing (Online) Poker

by , Dec 23, 2009 | 12:27 pm

This video overwrite is almost two years old … but new to me, and kinda funny to post Hitler stuff around Christmas considering the issues emerging related to an online site’s control of a player’s funds:

(And this came out even before the maker of it could know that Joan Rivers accuse Annie Duke of being Hitler1.)

Also makes you wonder … surely there is at least one world leader out there, good or bad, who has an online poker account (or three). Brings us one step closer to the day where international trade disputes and military conflicts can be replaced by heads-up sit-n-gos …

Annie Duke vs. Hitler

by , Apr 22, 2009 | 3:09 am

If you ask me, Annie Duke and her new fans are blowing this Hitler comparison waaayy out of proportion. I mean we’re poker players for chrissake! Who else do you know can show up for a day at the office and talk about being “crippled” with total disregard for the Americans with Disabilities Act … who can talk about RAPING our friends and having a blast while doing it!? Seriously, it would hardly be a big deal in mixed poker company to say, “Dude, I totally got raped by Clonie, but she was kinda getting raped by Tomer Benvenitsi.” Pretty much the only thing we can’t say is “fuck” … and even that rule is hardly enforced.

As far as Annie vs. Joan Rivers is concerned, it’s really just a matter of table image. And really, if experienced poker players can’t appreciate the humor in a 70something Jewish lady embracing Der Furor over Annie Duke … who can?

Meanwhile, this website has put up a humorous comparison between Adolf and Annie: