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RE: Main Event Follow Fridays on a Monday

Instapoker (Twitter edition) Take 2

by , Jul 5, 2010 | 7:47 pm

Already realized a few others I forgot about … beyond the usual poker-media-world suspects you’re probably already following such as @ftrainpoker @writerjen @jakatkin et @alcanthang. I’ve also recently become a fan of @eric_ramsey’s micro-wit+info … and I think you know Pokerati’s diggage of @Tim00, even when he’s not just pimping his favorite 1/2 nl/plo game @hardrockpoker. And those are just in addition to the solid poker-twitter-media obvs @PokerListings and @CardPlayerMedia …

I really hope this attempt to share with you a few notable follows doesn’t turn into a cryfest amongst twitterpals I’ve yet to meet who have yet to buy even me a beer in real life … But a couple other twitters you might not know about but probably should:

@All360Poker — the guys who’ve brought those funky Google Earth cams into the Amazon. Plausibly revolutionary.

@BJsPocketGuide — brand new on twitter, but WSOP regulars love this annual mini-book. Very reliable guide on paper … curious to see what becomes of this account in the future.

@_otis_ and @genebromberg finally showed up in Vegas, too, so be following them for sure; don’t even get me started on all the Euros who just recently arrived.

And if only we could get Tony the Rio’s head security honcho tweeting … I’d betcha he’s got tweets to rival @LostVegasBook!

BJ’s Guide to the History of Women in Poker

by , Nov 2, 2009 | 4:31 pm

So many jokes to be made about BJ’s Guide to Women in Anything … but regardless, he hooked his pal @MariaHo up with a little cheat sheet to help her prep for her appearance on CNN (“Breaking into the Boys’ Club”). Click below to read it all — a glimpse at what kinda study goes into appearing on TV news as “yourself”, and a pretty good breakdown of a minority’s influence on the game.

(BTW, semi-related but kinda an aside … Kathy Liebert, arguably the most successful on-the-tables female in history … is currently in strong chip position at a final table (5 remaining at time of press) in a $2,500 Foxwoods event. While reading the BJ guide, you can follow her ride as we are on Twitter here.)

BJ’s Guide to the History of Women in Poker

By BJ Nemeth


1.  In major tournament fields (WSOP, WPT, etc.) women usually comprise about 3% of the field. There are no official stats kept.