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Shane Warne Chastised for Online Poker Shill Tweet

by , Apr 13, 2010 | 1:32 am


If there’s one place that has more funked up online poker political-legal stuff going on than the US, it’s Australia. And most recently Aussie cricket legend Shane Warne caused an international stir when he used his twitter account — @warne888 — to solicit real-money players for the online poker site he represents … 888.

The tweet that caused the outcry:

All my followers get free 8 dollars poker money by signing up here

It included a link to 888.

That was enough to rile Rev. Tim Costello (one of the most politically powerful holy rollers in Australia) to publicly chastise the superstar because many of his nearly 50,000 twitter followers are kids.

It makes ya think …

a) damn, just imagine how much money retired athletes could make as poker affiliates.
b) only 50k twitter followers? I thought they said he was a huge international superstar … like the Michael Jordan of cricket!


888 — a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange — is currently under investigation by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, which is responding to a complaint charging the company of being in breach of the Integrated Gambling Act.

Online Gambling Leads to Child Abuse?

by , Jun 13, 2009 | 7:57 am

So says this class-action lawyer on the right in an interview on CNBC on Wednesday. The Jeffrey Pollack lookalike on the left doesn’t seem to buy it.