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Hawaii Dives into Gambling Law with Poker Bill

Game of skill exemption for NLH/PLO, super-taxation for online sites

by , Mar 24, 2011 | 6:56 pm

Only two states in the US have no legal gambling — Hawaii and Utah. Could be just one soon, say supporters and opponents alike of a bill in Hawaii that would specifically legalize Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker, live and online.

The bill, which passed out of committee yesterday, looks to make Hawaii a destination for big-time live (and televised) poker events … as well as a potential home base for online sites serving US players … by designating the foundations of Pokerati NLH/PLO as games of skill, not played against a casino “house” and therefore exempt from state gambling prohibitions.

PPA Exec Dir. John Pappas supplied written testimony for the hearing, suggesting that the way this current bill is crafted could be problematically prohibitive, as it seeks to charge $100 million for a server license and impose a 20 percent tax on all wagers while potentially challenging federal law. Pappas, however, did not provide any statement on the economic impact such a law would have on Waikiki vendors selling T-shirts like these:

The Hawaii poker bill — originally written supposedly to provide a tax holiday for buying school supplies — passed out of the Economic Revitalization & Business Committee on a 7-1 vote, and the House Judiciary Committee, 9-3. It now moves on to the House Finance Committee.

(Mahalo Poker Gnome for the heads-up.)

Aloha Poker

by , Jan 7, 2008 | 9:43 am

Certain serendipities seem to guide so many of us …

I just got a call from a myspace friend who is ready to ditch the Dallas poker scene and relocate to Hawaii. So she wanted to know if I knew of any games there. While flattered by the inference that I would be connected to a criminal enterprise in the middle of the Pacific ocean, I did not … however, just two days ago I played with a guy in a $200 Binion’s tournament who was from Hawaii — think Fubu with a really good tan and semi-Asian eyes — and he talked for at least an orbit about the underground games on Oahu and Molokai. So I know they exist, but that’s about it. Considering that he busted out early in level two — dude, do you really wanna get it all-in with top-pair-top-kicker, even if you are ahead? — I gotta think the games in the 50th United State might be decent. Does anyone know firsthand?

NOTE: Apparently when you suck out on someone to send them home, you should be saying “Aloha,” not “Mahalo.” Who knew!?!

UPDATE: Here’s probably a good place for non-police howlies to begin finding their way into the Hawaiian underground. For some reason I think they might know someone who knows someone …