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Merchdawg’s Podcast Roundup

Rants Alive, SuperStar Showdown, & Kagome Kagome

by , Apr 15, 2011 | 9:54 am

Rabbit Hunt:

The Rabbit Hunt crew return after taking a week off to catch everyone up on the latest poker news. After discussing the recent legislation passed in Washington D.C. and Zynga Poker the host move on to discuss the WSOP rematch concept. Matt goes rants about how he does not like the concept, saying he would rather see a boxing match between Phil Helmuth and Eskimo Clark than the Helmuth vs. Johnny Chan rematch. To close out the show Matt continues on his rant party, this time he rants about the World Poker Tour and why it should not be considered a major along side the World Series of Poker. Take a listen to the show on either the Cardrunners site or download it directly from iTunes to listen to this interview.

Two Plus Two Pokercast:

Also coming off a week hiatus the Two Plus Two Pokercast returns this week with Scott “URnotINdangr” Palmer coming on to discuss his recent supersized SuperStar Showdown match. Starting off the show with a discussion on the recent big sporting events the guys confess their love for this time of the year, Hockey Playoff eh? Brandon Adams joins the show this week to discuss his trip to Augusta for The Masters before talking a little poker. At the 1 hour 54 minute mark Palmer joins in the discussing to give some commentary of his match against Blom to close out the show. You can listen to the show at the Two Plus Two Pokercast site or download it on iTunes.

Poker Static:

If you are looking for interviews, interviews, and more interviews then you need to be listening to the Poker Static guys. Kagome Kagome, formerly known as IHateJuice on Full Tilt Poker joins the crew this week to discuss the meanings behind his names and the discussion he had with Full Tilt when they wanted him to change his username. You can either download the show from iTunes or watch the video below.