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All’s Well that Pays Well?

by , Jun 18, 2009 | 9:26 pm

It seems like the payment processor crackdown may be contained — with freezing activities limited to that $33 million seized a couple weeks ago. I’m not hearing any more stories of bounced checks, and I just got an email from Full Tilt (encouraging me to activate my latest bonus) that implies all is back to normal, at least on the player’s end, or at least is not spreading:

We’ve recently reduced the minimum re-deposit (reload) amount from $50 to $30. You can deposit using a variety of payment methods, including instant eChecks – check the Cashier for full details.

(Emphasis theirs, not mine.)

Does this jibe with what everyone else is finding, at Full Tilt, Stars, UB, and elsewhere?

RE: Fed Crackdown on Online Poker Money Transfers (2)

PokerStars refunds, bank account seizures, grand jury subpoenas

by , Jun 9, 2009 | 12:24 pm

The latest on Federal online poker funds crackdown and legally questionable anti-poker court actions …

Pokerstars has confirmed with its players that indeed, some payout funds have been frozen in American banks — but they’ve credited back affected monies with a 10 percent inconvenience bonus and an invitation to try again, Gambling911 reports.

If you wish to resubmit your cashout request, you can do so from our Cashier by selecting the check option (your new check will be issued on a different account and can be deposited as normal) or wire transfer (only available for amounts greater than [$2,500]).

But while Stars’ “take care of the player first” approach may be admirable, wiring money through a new financier may just be a temporary solution to eCheck problems affecting thousands of players — a little game of financial cat and mouse (+ good-will PR) while a bigger, costlier legal battle takes shape.

Under advisement from the DOJ agent, a federal prosecutor in New York’s Southern District apparently got a magistrate to sign off on seizure orders last week for multiple American bank accounts connected to PokerStars payouts. The court also issued subpoenas (warrants?) for two individuals to appear before a grand jury on June 18.