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Free Poker Beef Jerky

by , Jul 6, 2011 | 3:22 am

A lot of people have been wondering where I’ve been this WSOP. I’m ready to admit it — I suffer from an addiction … one that snuck up on me when I least expected, but I can no longer deny. I’m addicted to Zynga Poker. I’m at level 43.

Seriously, not lying when I say I’ve played virtually EVERY DAY of this Series, probably not going longer than 36 hours without logging on — at least to redeem a gift that expires in 1 hour. I’m too embarrassed to be seen playing at the Rio, which is why I stay home … But still, when I am playing, I can’t help but think about the World Series of Poker going on just down the road, on Twitter, on Facebook, on iPhones, via livestream … not to mention the personal text messages and deluge of PR emails … pretty much anywhere with wifi there is Zynga — er, I mean WSOP. To play Zynga you only need 3G.

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Sasquatch(es) at the WSOP

by , Nov 9, 2009 | 3:33 pm

Confirmation that Darvin Moon and Jack Link’s Beef Jerky should be a match made in thick-forest heaven … @washintonpost-er Josh du Lac tweets:

Darvin Moon’s brother, Bill, says folks wanted him to pose for a pic w/Jack Link’s mascot Sasquatch. “Hell no reminds me too much of Darvin”

I, meanwhile, couldn’t help myself when I saw such a happily hirsute homonid:

World Series of Vending

by , Nov 4, 2009 | 6:30 pm

Saw this truck parked downtown (next to Binion’s) this weekend. And not only did it finally teach me the proper/awkward way to spell and punctuate “Jack Link’s” Beef Jerky … but also it made me laugh seeing that the title sponsor of the 2009 WSOP is also a major sponsor of Snack Man!

(Seriously, how have JLBJ not chosen Darvin Moon to be “their guy” at the final table?)

WSOP November Nine Media Guide

All the stuff you wanted to know about the Nov. 9, but didn’t care enough to ask

by , | 12:37 pm

Thanks to Nolan Dalla, here’s a copy of the November Nine Media Guide.

It’s 26 pages filled with information, including bios of the final 9, how they’ll be seated, and how much additional interest was earned from holding more than $15,000,000 in an account at Goldman Sachs (hint: not much). Also included is information on the Poker Hall of Fame, a promotion with title sponsor Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, and other stuff about this year’s WSOP.