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Las Vegas Blvd. Is Now Closed

Really? Meh.

by , Jul 4, 2009 | 7:49 pm

This kinda puts the planned Phil Hellmuth WSOP main event entrance into perspective. Read below the announcement of what’s about to happen — scary — and how they’re going to make sure any onlookers are properly refreshed by drinking tasty milk products on The Strip during the illusion of plausible death.

At 8:30 p.m., members of the public are encouraged to head to the Miracle Mile Shops’ southern Las Vegas Boulevard entrance (by Hawaiian Tropic Zone) to witness a “Death Drop” escape performed by Daredevil Magician Steve Wyrick.  Bennington, assisted by members of his new side project Dead by Sunrise, will lock and shackle Wyrick into one of the band’s equipment boxes. Connected to a crane by only a few thin ropes, the box will be dangled over a bed of 500 flaming spikes 80 feet below. The ropes will then be set on fire, forcing Wyrick to make his escape before the last rope breaks and sends him plummeting to a fiery death. Wyrick will have to jump 20 feet off a burning box to a safety rope and rappel down while avoiding the spikes and tremendous heat. This type of escape has never been attempted by an illusionist anywhere in the world.

Free MollliCoolz Shakers will be available to keep the crowd of spectators refreshed and cool during the stunt.  Shakers are revolutionizing the ice cream world this summer with its new, fun way to make milkshakes by adding milk to its free-flowing beads of ice cream.  For more information, visit