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MGM Lays out Vision for Strip Redevelopment

by , Apr 24, 2013 | 1:00 pm

Photo: MGM

Photo: MGM

MGM Resorts International will spend $100 million to transform land along the Strip and surrounding the New York-New York and Monte Carlo resorts into an outdoor plaza and pedestrian mall with trendy shops, restaurants and a public park.

The plaza will serve as a gateway into a 20,000-seat sports arena, which the company will build behind the two resorts with national arena developer AEG.

The facades of New York-New York and Monte Carlo will be renovated as part of the retail, dining and entertainment district. The development will include several eateries, nightlife venues and entertainment attractions new to Las Vegas.

MGM Resorts announced the development today . Some initial construction has begun, and the company expects the retail and restaurant complex to open by early 2014.

“Our vision is to dramatically change the sidewalk along the Las Vegas Strip, creating an area that will greatly enhance the area and create an energy that you find in the world’s great cities,” MGM Resorts Chairman Jim Murren said in an interview.


Caesar’s Palace Shootout
Not the Good Kind

by , Aug 5, 2007 | 12:51 pm

LAS VEGAS–There was a shooting last night at Caesar’s Palace (also known as the Batface Getaway Resort of choice). Apparently two gentlemen got in an argument over a girl, fisticuffs ensued, and one of them went to the parking lot, returned with a gun, and opened fire upon exiting the elevator. Two people were injured, but no word on whether those shot were the ones that inspired the gun-getting. More here.

This follows a shooting at New York, New York nearly a month ago.

Ahh, the Columbine generation is all grown up now. (Even if the Caesar’s Palace shooter was a Gen-Xer, he had to learn the behavior from somewhere.)

Gambling is obviously bad.

Terrorist Wannabe Shoots Up Strip Casino

by , Jul 7, 2007 | 2:01 am

LAS VEGAS–Nothing to do with the WSOP, save for a few off-duty dealers and players who may or may not have been there …

But a gunman tried to pull a mini-Columbine at New York, New York last night, opening fire apparently at random toward and around the “Central Park” area of the casino. No one was killed, five people were hurt. All chips were protected as the shooter popped off 16 caps. In fact, the casino never shut down during the violent remonstrance nor the subsequent pandemonium. They did, however, lock down the tables (does anyone know if they finish the hands in play?) for a few hours, but never stopped patrons from playing the slots. About three hours later, New York, New York was fully operational, as if nothing strange had happened.

From the AP:

“There were flip-flops just laying all over the place like people were running out of their shoes,” Ramos said. “Within a minute and a half there were 30 to 40 police there. The cops just swarmed the place with M-16s and their guns out.”

I knew that damn blackjack shoe had it coming!