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Liv Boeree: “So Metal It Hurts”

by , Jan 21, 2010 | 6:19 am

photo: Alan Barry

Check it out … Rising poker diva Liv Boeree is in the December issue of British Maxim, which just recently went up online. While some in poker may scoff at her mere $200k in lifetime tournament winnings, hey, there’s not an online poker site in sight on this photo shoot, and yet Maxim is still interested enough to show sexually suggestive pictures of her ask about her life on a farm rolling around in mud? That’s pretty cool.

(Big score for her agents at No-Limit Management?)

We also learn she’s a total metal chick. Like she can actually rock out to Pantera on guitar. Dude. Go Liv Boeree … Win stuff!

ALT HED: Liv Boeree has never masturbated a pig.

It’s true. She says so herself. Read it.