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Does Team Poker Have a Future?

WTP goes where few have successfully gone before

by , May 18, 2010 | 4:59 am

World Team Poker is the next “big event” in Las Vegas … gets underway at the Golden Nugget with a party tonight (of course) and cards in the air on Wednesday. The WTP will be the third big-dollar, made-for-TV attempt to bring team poker to Las Vegas (fourth if you include one that was canceled the weekend of) … and like all the rest, as the WTP teams came together, the usual on-camera stars lined up to get their airtime register. We can tell there is a definitive desire for team poker somewhere — why else would the pros keep showing up? — and everyone who ever plays in these events reports having an absolute blast. But for some reason or another, they often tend to falter.

Will the WTP be a matter of someone finally getting it right, or is there something inherent to the game itself that makes team tournament poker a concept that just can’t stick?


Looking Back at the Future of Poker

by , Aug 12, 2008 | 5:49 am

The following industry analysis showed up in my email last night … but upon a single click I realized this market research was not current, but from February 2005 — before any of us had ever heard of Steve Dannenmann, let alone the UIGEA. Still, it took getting to the mention of Celebrity Poker Showdown before I fully realized this up-to-date info might be old, so that says something about how prescient €350 worth of research and analysis might have been: