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Israel Police Order ISPs to Block Access to Gambling Websites

by , Jul 15, 2010 | 5:48 am

This is an odd one … never before heard much out of Israel against online gambling, despite there being no brick and mortar casinos there (I’m pretty sure) … in fact, Israel is something of a haven — if not a headquarters — for all sorts of online gambling related businesses. Yet supposedly, Israeli police just ordered all its ISPs to block access to IP addresses associated with overseas online gambling websites.

Don’t know many details, other than that the ISPs were given a list of banned sites, supposedly including some biggies … but the only known name so far has been Victor Chandler.

Sounds taxy. Anyone have Isai Scheinberg’s number so I can give him a call and say, yo, Mr. Moneymaker, what’s up? Surely he’s gotta know, or maybe live down the street from someone who does …

The ISPs were given 48 hours to respond, and several reportedly have already asked for an extension to a week.

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