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Video Gaming Economies

by , Apr 21, 2014 | 2:31 am

There’s a fair amount of research going on these days looking at that ever-fine line between gaming and gambling (Gainsbury, Russell, & Hing, 2014). This mini-documentary looks at the size and complexity of virtual gaming economies, and reveals how popular recreational online activities are vulnerable to cheaters and Chinese gold farmers (prisoners made to play video games for prison-guard profits) … which has some wanting regulatory oversight similar to gambling!

Who woulda guessed that online poker could provide a template for gamified digital consumer protections? (Really, it kinda-sorta is …)

Video Game Tourneys for Real Money Coming (Very!) Soon

by , Aug 3, 2009 | 3:20 pm

Not sure yet where to begin … and while the concept of playing competitive video-game tournaments online for real money isn’t exactly new (FIFA interactive World Cup, eg) … it’s apparently about to get a whole lot easier.

The site is called, and will be legal in 39 US states. (Like holy fugk, you can even transfer funds via PayPal!)

BringIt plans to make money on a rake — pretty much just like poker — as well as some fund withdrawal processing fees. The Associated Press on the legality of it all here.

Depending on how all this shakes down, game of luck vs. skill definitives will be even more relevant than before … and at a minimum may open a new window for online poker to distinguish itself from online gambling. The online (non-poker) gaming sites that will inevitably spring up should BringIt actually bring it, meanwhile, will have to deal with all the same regulatory stuff that we want to deal with to protect fairness, ensure integrity, disable cheat codes, etc.

Still too early to tell. And BringIt is only supposed to go live in low-stakes Beta this week. But it should be a very interesting site to watch …

(Thanks @MSomm for the tip.)

Wii Poker = Hold’em Fun for the Whole Family

by , Mar 30, 2009 | 10:19 am

You may have noticed that Activision stopped making their World Series of Poker game last year, and apparently have no plans for any special 40th Anniversary edition this year. But that doesn’t mean poker and (video) gaming is dead. The Nintendo Wii now has “Texas Hold’em Tournament” — brought to you by Digital Leisure, the makers of The Incredible Maze and Soduku Challenge! Currently only available only in the EU, with a US release date TBA.

Interestingly enough, the Nintendo Wii played a very important role in the Michalski family Christmas this year. The whole family got really into the super bowling game (where you have up to like 100 pins to knock down) — even my grandmother played — and when I realized four generations were all gathered in the living room competing at once, I realized this Wii thing was something special. Honestly, I hadn’t seen anything like it since maybe Trivial Pursuit in the mid-’80s.

Since then, I’ve gotten requests from my nephews to do some sort of thing where we can trade our Mii characters online so we can compete against each other from afar. I won’t do it, of course, because I can’t beat an 8-year-old in tennis and he taunts me as a result, but still … clearly theoretically, Nintendo Wii+Poker=(good for) Poker / Time.

The cost of this game? 500 Wii points. That’s a whole’nother story, of course, when you consider exchanging virtual currency for video-fied poker action.

Poker 4 Sale

And Some Services Wanted

by , May 9, 2008 | 2:19 am

I like to troll Craigslist every so often for some hot, anonymous NSA poker action. Not looking for games — there’s no shortage of ’em here in LV — just wanting to take the pulse of what people are pushing related to poker. Look at the ads all together and you get some interesting tells on the state of the poker world and its semi-anonymous inhabitants:

There are a lot of chips , tables, fancy custom tables and chips and tables for sale, of course, and for $15 a made-for-TV WPT video game. WSOP: Tournament of Champions for the Playstation goes for $8

For $150k you can have documentary footage of the rise and fall of Jamie Gold.

A WSOP baby’s blanket.

More chips, from the Aladdin, and from the Atlantic City Playboy Club. “Omaha Table” from Sante Fe Station.

Perhaps frighteningly, there are even poker bots for sale. At least one suspicious reader is questioning whether or not this is legal.


Perspectives Weekly

by , May 5, 2008 | 6:39 am

In this episode:

Jon Kyl is Facing Reality!
It’s Lonely at the top of Morality Mountain…
There are still no regulations for UIGEA… Banks don’t want to police UIGEA… and others in Congress want to overturn UIGEA… I guess it’s time to face facts, Jon.

Chuck E Cheese is Facing Prison?
Pizza Selling Rat also promotes illegal gambling…
The great legal minds of South Carolina have concluded that the Skee ball and Whac-a-Mole games at Chuck E Cheese are a slippery slop to illegal gambling… and they must go!

News from both sides of the Atlantic
Lottery to Tennis… Texas to France…
In Texas, lottery officials are warning consumers about buying tickets online… and with good reason! And out of France, a judge has returned a ruling in the French Open vs Online Gambling case.