Did Annie Duke Just Say …

by , Apr 19, 2009 | 10:31 pm

“I give a good blow job”?

Hey, don’t shoot the messenger … I’m just quoting from Celebrity Apprentice and helping pimp promote her endeavors.

Joe Reitman was unavailable for comment to confirm or deny Annie Duke’s claims.

ALT HED: Annie Duke Raises Big Money for African Refugees, Orally Satisfies American Men

(Ed. Note: Mathers, can you fact-check this one?)

Mathers here, with the clip:

  • Kevin Mathers

    “I’m the total woman. I can cook, I raise my children, and I give a good —-job.”.

    You stay classy, Annie.

    2+2 thread

  • I think she said it twice, actually.

    And LOL, KevMath, on the fact-check. I was trying to hook you up, dude!

    I mean hey, we’re all about finding out the truth here at Pokerati … and obviously Annie has some reason for wanting it out there that she is a Fellatio champion … but I checked the Hendon Mob database and couldn’t find anything about it.

  • Kevin Mathers

    Well she did say it twice: going into break, then during the course of the next segment.

    Regarding Annie, I’ll take a pass, no offense.

  • Tom Schneider

    One constant in life. Women who brag about it usually don’t. Dan, am I right?

  • Jacquelineareyes

    I about died whenever I heard her say that!!!

  • ***Dan, am I right?***

    Tom, I’m not really sure this is the right place to discuss Karridy.

  • I think the fact that she was talking to Playboy star Brande Roderick had something to do with her comment. I don’t know if she expected it to be aired.

    • Funny … and yeah, that actually makes sense … like locker-room talk trying to impress the girls.

  • I don’t care what anyone else is saying about Annie Duke on the Celebrity Apprentice.

    I wish I had her raising money for my Charity ( FallenHeroesLA.org)or in charge of a business I owned.She is energetic, somewhat demanding and a few instances a little ruthless.

    Now tell me Donald Trump doesn’t have the same qualities!

    Annie did not get enough credit for preparing THREE dishes for the team to try and shame on Jesse for doing a poor job with the marketing scheme last night.

    I know the show has ben taped and over, but Annie gets my vote!

  • bill

    she is so hot!…cant even imagine her and Brandi together…wonder if there’s more here than meets the eye..

  • Where the hell did all the up tight moralists come from and why are they writing using Pokerati nicknames we all thought we knew? Seriously, what exactly does anyone here have against a good blowjob? Any reason to not spell it out? Did we learn nothing from Monica Lewinsky?

  • ***Where the hell did all the up tight moralists come from***


  • people


  • I think her overall experience there will be a good one for her. We’re seeing her true character come out and its great.

    So she gives a good BJ… great!