CBS to Partner with New Jeffrey Pollack Pro Poker League?

by , Feb 23, 2011 | 12:00 am

We love a good rumor here at Pokerati, especially when someone else publishes it first so we don’t have to take a “hit” if a few little tibbits turn out to be less than 100 percent accurate. (Still stinging from the two we “goofed” on in 2010 — Harrah’s was looking to sell the Rio and Harry Reid working on a poker-only bill; so far only one of those has proven to be true, despite public denials from people directly involved.)

Anyhow, “facts” shmacts … Variety is reporting that Jeffrey Pollack’s new Federated poker league may have found itself a TV partner in CBS — as in the venerable broadcast network.

  • Chris

    Don’t think you goofed, pretty sure Harrah’s will sell the Rio and you called the Reid bill better than anyone imo.