CBS to Partner with New Jeffrey Pollack Pro Poker League?

by , Feb 23, 2011 | 12:00 am

We love a good rumor here at Pokerati, especially when someone else publishes it first so we don’t have to take a “hit” if a few little tibbits turn out to be less than 100 percent accurate. (Still stinging from the two we “goofed” on in 2010 — Harrah’s was looking to sell the Rio and Harry Reid working on a poker-only bill; so far only one of those has proven to be true, despite public denials from people directly involved.)

Anyhow, “facts” shmacts … Variety is reporting that Jeffrey Pollack’s new Federated poker league may have found itself a TV partner in CBS — as in the venerable broadcast network.

One Comment to “CBS to Partner with New Jeffrey Pollack Pro Poker League?”

  1. Chris

    Don’t think you goofed, pretty sure Harrah’s will sell the Rio and you called the Reid bill better than anyone imo.