Horsey HORSE (and cranky Brunson?)

by , Jul 15, 2006 | 5:45 am

LAS VEGAS–By the way, I made a mistake when I reported that Robert Williamson was the last Dallasy player standing. He went out on the bubble — in 10th place — but none other than T.J. Cloutier was still alive. It looked good for a bit — I was routing for him to beat Doyle Brunson heads-up … woulda made a great story — TJ can’t win “the big one,” but he wins the bigger Big One and denies his friendly rival the all-time bracelet lead.

Didn’t work out that way, of course. TJ went out in 5th place, and Doyle went out in 8th by pushing all-in with absolutely nothing and getting called drawing near-dead.

About a half hour prior to that, when the players were on a 15-minute break, a random guy walked up to Brunson and said:

“Excuse me sir, I’ve got this friend, he’s read all your books, and it would mean a lot to him if I could get a picture with you.”

Yeow, what was this dude thinking, I thought.

“Not now, man!” Brunson scowled as he hobbled off toward the bathroom.

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