Batfaces in Tunica Update

by , Sep 30, 2006 | 8:57 pm

Just got a text message from Tiny B:

48 left in 1500. I have 15k in chips, a little above par. Top 27 get paid. I expect coverage.

So there you have it. Go Big Todd!

8400, coloring greens. 100-400-800 now. 34 left. Time to double up.Agoin … go Big Todd. (But how will he handle it if someone makes a “bad” play?

UPDATE: Nearing the bubble …

Doubled up with AQ vs. JJ. 17k now. 33 left

And indeed, looks like he crossed it. Todd texts:

in money, in decent shape.

By the way, I have to go out. Seriously … one of those drinky things that involves a guy who’s involved with the Native American casino interests — hopefully he’ll give me some inside scoop on the legendary Winstar Tribe’s role in Poker’s getting Double-Fristed. Anyhow, if you need Todd updates, you can find them here at my personal watchdog site. Kinda funny, especially looking at Todd’s pre-game posts:

from The Batfaces

I’m at dinner break in the $1500 NL in tunica. 48 players remain of the original 225. The top 27 make the money. I have 15000 in chips, which is a little above par. Darling and Hong Kong played as well, but have not lasted. So unfortunately for some, I’m not offing myself. Winner takes home 101K.
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Tunica 2
Darling up.
Hong Kong up.
Tiny B… Fuck cards.
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Friday, September 29, 2006

Tunica live blog 1
Hammered. Go first class!

Honk Kong Sue, Darling and I just landed in Memphis. Aycock is waiting on us at The Grand. You fuckers will be sorry you missed this one. $1500 tomorrow at noon. If I don’t win the last-longer, I’m offing myself.
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  1. Fawcett

    Go Batfaces!!!!