Amarillo Slim Escapes Robbery

by , Oct 5, 2006 | 8:56 am

Seriously, like it should be a felony to rob Amarillo Slim in Amarillo of all places — especially with gunfire. Oh, wait, it is. Here’s the article (reg. req.) of what apparently went down in the Texas Panhandle in the Tuesday night/Wednesday morning wee hours. To summarize:

— A yellow vehicle cuts off Slim, forces him to stop.

— Passenger of yellow vehicle gets out, draws gun, demands money.

— Slim says no and slams his car into reverse.

— Gunman fires three shots as he flees. At least two bullets hit his car.

— Slim was not injured and refuses to comment on the incident.

— Nicholas Cage will be playing Amarillo Slim in an upcoming movie.

So there you have it. Wow. Poker is as poker does, I guess. But why is it that the poker world is starting to look more and more like the rap music world of the late ’90s? I bet Thomas Preston never thought he’d be thought of as the R. Kelley of poker.

One Comment to “Amarillo Slim Escapes Robbery”

  1. Doyle

    Too bad that child-molesting Amarillo Slime Preston didn’t take a head-shot from the would-be robber…saddens me. And why would that douche-bag Nicholas Cage help fill the pockets of such a scum-bag? I hope he gets the head-shot that he deserves as well…