International Shakedown Shake-ups

by , Oct 15, 2006 | 7:43 am

The tectonic shifts in the poker online gambling world are starting to rustle up the industry … with Sportingbet selling its U.S. operations for $1, and Leisure & Gaming following suit. (No details on the buyer or price yet for this one.)

There’s still a plenty-big pie to bite into, and with the American government sticking its finger in it, specialization and consolidation seem to be the key to still getting a piece.

Also … great column here by GEORGE WILL, who could apparently give a shit about poker, but still realizes the shameful, harmful ridiculousness of the law we are all talking about. Seems pretty clear this law will eventually have to change — money really does talk — so the question is how long will it take before some semblance of normalcy resumes.

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