Greg Raymer (L) for Vice President!?!

by , Dec 4, 2006 | 5:46 am

raymervp.jpgIn a recent interview with PokerNews, Greg Raymer reveals that he is mostly a Libertarian politically (good thing) and is in discussions about becoming the perennially underachieving third party’s 2008 VP candidate (dude, we should talk). Seriously, not trying to discourage … you are exactly what the Libertarian Party needs … and poker certainly needs to be more involved in politics … But I’m just sayin’ — think about it. Or talk to Gonz; he knows, too. Libertarians are fun, but they don’t really know how to “party” play the game.

UPDATE: Then again … as an “issue candidate,” hmmm … maybe it’s not so much about the votes, right? Maybe it’s about finding the best way to put an important issue in front of the other candidates and press … and for Raymer, simply running would do that, actual votes be damned! OK, you could be on to something, here, Fossil-Champ … so carry on … Go poker.

2 Comments to “Greg Raymer (L) for Vice President!?!”

  1. Eric Dondero

    And there’s some folks talking up Wayne Root, Top Vegas Sports Oddsmaker, for President on the Republican ticket. (See Root recently called himself a “Libertarian.”

    Wouldn’t that be cool: Wayne Root/Greg Raymer in 2008!

    And I take issue with you saying that libertarians don’t know poker. A good friend of mine, owns two tables up in Missoula, MT at the hottest bars in town. I had a discussion with his players one night during a break, and every one of them described themselves as “libertarian.”

  2. DanM

    Eric, there is a big difference between libertarian ideals and the Libertarian Party. In fact, I suspect a huge percentage of Americans identify themselves as libs … but the party has been unsuccessful in capturing their votes.

    — Dan Michalski, Libertarian for Congress 2002 (1 percent)

    p.s. “play the game” is a phrase applying to the political game. but upon second thought, that still may not be very fair of me to say.