Go Batface Poker

by , Jan 12, 2007 | 2:38 pm

The Batfaces arrived in Tunica yesterday, and like the amateurs they are, they couldn’t resist buying right into a $500 event fresh off the plane/rental car. Very Freeze-like in a showing up ready to play blackjack kinda way.

Anyhow, no surprise … they got kinda clonked … except for Son of Sue, who is a Batface, Rounder Clubber, and former Lodge Amateur Poker player, who took 11th place out of a field of, I think, like 500 or so. (Anyone else wanna see him duke it out heads-up with deep stacks against Como?) Here’s how Zach didn’t make it to the final table, via Tiny B:

Paid around 1500. Had to make top 6 or so before money got good. Had AA lose to KK and then eliminated when his AK lost to KQ. Both all in pre flop.

Well done, Zach Ballenger! Not a bad start to the Batface year. I can tell you actually think about how you play (and when you play), unlike some of your contemporaries.

One Comment to “Go Batface Poker”

  1. Ed

    Wow…the Zach I remember is LUCKIER than that. Poker karma?

    Good going Zach. Hopefully if you play any other events you show those asshats out there what you are made of!