Come one, Come All, Come forth from the mall!

by , Feb 13, 2007 | 2:40 pm

Looks like Caesar’s Palace is hopping with tournaments. Just this past weekend Brandon Cantu and his partner Alexia Standard won the Caesar’s V-day Couples event. And speaking of partners…Jennifer Harman’s husband, Marco Traniello, scored an entry into the NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship Event to be aired in April. Thanks to Lisa Wheeler at CardPlayer for giving Marco his own identity.

But wait! There’s more. Caesar’s not only has one of the best tournaments on the strip, they now have a ladies night tournament every Tuesday. And if that wasn’t enough to get your boots dusty, the WSOP Circuit Event hits Caesars April 22 – May 2, 2007.

I once heard a rumor that the WSOP would move from The Rio to Caesars. Unfortunately, it was only wishful thinking. But you never know…

Golly, it seems only like yesterday I was sitting in Cafe Roma wishing Caesar’s had a poker room.

6 Comments to “Come one, Come All, Come forth from the mall!”

  1. Robert Sanchez

    Last year at the WSOP main event the floor people said that they are building a new facility at Caesers that could house 5,000 players and that the WSOP would be moving in two years to Caesers.

  2. J.E.H.

    Yeah, but dontcha think that the recent private buyout of the Harrah’s empire might change all of that? Personally, I see the new owners spinning the WSOP into an entity unto itself that could open itself up for annual or multi-annual contracts from different casinos that would bid to host the big dance. Mebbe I’m still thinking too much of KKR and the go-go M&A’s of the 1980’s, but my suspicion is that we’re going to see the Harrah’s empire blown apart for a lot greater total value than it has as one big entity.

  3. Fresh Princess

    Robert – From my understanding it is not Caesar’s ability to accomodate players but a problem with parking. I’ve heard mixed answers and you probably won’t get a straight one until the sale goes through. Espcecially if they sell The Rio.

    J.E.H. No, I don’t think it will change all of that if and when Harrah’s is bought. Harrah’s has only agreed on a price (declining KKR) and the sales transaction will probably take place later this year. They will probably sell off some casinos to reduce their debt increasing their value. Only time will tell what the new owners will do. As for the 80’s, remember, it was junk bonds that built The Mirage.

    And hey, Caesar’s still has great tournaments!

  4. DanM

    The rub that I hear on Caesar’s these days is that because it’s a harrah’s property, you have to pay taxes on site for any tournament winnings over $600. While the concept of paying taxes shouldn’t bother any winning player, I can see why it would be discouraging to go play a toruney while being stuck in Vegas for, say, $5k, then winning $6k only to go home down a thousand.

  5. Fresh Princess

    You can write-off your losses against a win. This is one reason why people take out markers and save receipts for food, airfare & hotel. When you play satellites you can request a receipt at the cage.

  6. Fresh Princess

    And Dan, why are you up so early?