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  • The Never Ending WSOP Ladies Event Debate

    15 Jun 2010

    Michele Lewis OP-ED As a woman who began playing poker in the early 90’s on the smoky Riverboats of Louisiana, I was almost always the only woman at the table and often the only woman in the poker room. Other than my weekly friendly game, the Mirage poker room in Las Vegas (before the Bellagio […]

  • Feeling Sorry for Poker

    08 Nov 2007

    I’ve been away from Pokerati for so long I thought Dan might have removed me as an author. Yet, I managed to login without any trouble and once inside it was like getting back on a bike. I’ve been busy at my other jobs…motherhood, wife, mistress of the house, managing my other blogs and restraining […]

  • Pokerstars shuts down player’s account

    17 Aug 2007

    WCP has posted the story on Dustin “Neverwin” Woolf and the closing of his pokerstars account. Apparently they are closing accounts that have been “shared” (multiple players using the same account). This is nothing like the rumor I heard of a guy walking into an apartment to find two guys playing four accounts in the […]

  • Reading Women

    15 Aug 2007

    If you’re one of the few men that has difficulty reading women poker players then this video should help explain their verbal tells. As with any game…you need to figure out which ladies like to keep it real (ex. the word nothing means…nothing) and which ladies fall into the category below. Warning to ladies…you may […]

  • Erica Schoenberg will be playing the 2008 WSOP Main Event

    13 Aug 2007

    LAS VEGAS–I was disappointed to miss the JCC Charity Poker tournament at the Palms yesterday due to a terrible head cold (as if I haven’t told everyone already). But I did miss the event and I’m sad as it made for a great and needed cause. The ever-pretty Erica Schoenberg, who hosted along with Eli […]

  • Susie Isaacs to teach texas hold’em in…texas

    08 Aug 2007

    One of poker’s top female pros, Susie Isaacs will be at the Lake Austin Spa to teach a Texas Hold’em Seminar. I’ve only sped past this spa in my earlier days of wakeboarding but it looks nice and I hear it’s amazing. For those of you or your partner that do the spa thing and […]

  • Really, Really Goodlooking Poker

    07 Aug 2007

    Before heading into autumn’s WSOP and WPT events we all have a moment to resurface for a deep breath of reality. While there are plenty of pretty people in poker that are really, really good looking, a deep breath may be your reaction to this hot player getting naked. And no, it’s not Patrik Antonius […]

  • ESPN’S WSOP Coverage Offers Two For Tuesday

    07 Aug 2007

    That’s right folks, there will be two episodes on ESPN tonight starting at 8pm Eastern. Tonight’s episodes will be airing the 2007 WSOP’s $3,000 no-limit hold ’em (Event 28). I won’t spoil the show by telling you who won but for those of you that need to know check out the results here from Pokernews.com. […]

  • Ask and You Shall Receive

    31 Jul 2007

    I sent Harrah’s an email this past year asking them to add a circuit event in New Orleans since (please use a Texas accent) we have so many darned Texans that play poker. They responded with a thank you and a we’ll consider your request. Now, I certainly won’t claim that I had any part […]

  • More Poker Buy-Outs & Rumors

    30 Jul 2007

    Just when you thought you rid your vocabulary of the phrase “sell out” it pulls you back in. Only it has true meaning this time. According to WCP (who apparently knows everything), NeverwinPoker.com just won some dough from Pokernews.com to sell, sell, sell. And in unrelated rumors…No, I’m not moving to Vegas and no, I’m […]