Pokerstars shuts down player’s account

by , Aug 17, 2007 | 4:44 pm

WCP has posted the story on Dustin “Neverwin” Woolf and the closing of his pokerstars account. Apparently they are closing accounts that have been “shared” (multiple players using the same account).

This is nothing like the rumor I heard of a guy walking into an apartment to find two guys playing four accounts in the same online cash game. I’ve been warned many times by pros and online industry people to stick with heads up and multi-table tournaments.

2 Comments to “Pokerstars shuts down player’s account”

  1. Jimmy

    It ought to be trivial to stop online cash cheating by looking at trends. If the same users are always playing together, ban them. Why don’t sites do this?

  2. Ed

    That would not work Jimmy. I play PL on bodog and we are a pretty small niche group with fishes that wander in nightly. If bodog were to do something as you suggested I can think of 10-20 of us that would get the boot because we are always on the same table at one time or another.

    We have found a few users who know each other and the best part is…they will have the same Location in their profile. The always play the same against each other. Usually…very soft when they are heads up and aggressive if they have someone else in the hand.