Re: Another Another Austin Raid

by , Feb 14, 2007 | 9:00 am

More on Sunday’s police incursion in the Austin underground … Sources of unconfirmed but presumed reliability tell Pokerati:

“The guy running this game is a crook and in the last hour I have gotten several calls that he is about to do an ‘I am taking everyone with me’ move!”

Yeesh, true or not, I remember when you used to hear this kinda stuff around Dallas … as the market got saturated, so many games were getting dirtier, or at least accused of being dirtier … and I gotta say, only semi-related, Dallas people, isn’t our little poker community a lot nicer and friendlier these days without the advertising on Pokerati hyperaggressive marketing, cut-throat competition, and general nastiness associated with desperate attempts to make a big game?

Here’s a tip for all the Austin poker-room tough guys out there … one homicide … that’s all you need. If your mini-criminal quest to corner the Austin poker biz could somehow lead to a violent death, that would be so awesome. I mean think about it … lots of money in play, heated competition … a little backstab here, a little double-cross there, and whammo! A premeditated or even accidental killing would not only kill the Austin poker scene shrink the Austin poker scene down to a more manageable size, but also it would give me a GREAT story (the kind that could finally get me back into Texas Monthly).

Positively Sixth Street, baby!

10 Comments to “Re: Another Another Austin Raid”

  1. Otis

    Oh, man. You are just asking for things to get ugly.

  2. Glen

    I am not a crook. We had a blast running a great fun game with tons of action. I have no desire to “I am taking everyone with me’ move!” If you really want to know the truth rather than rumors then just ask.

  3. Jimmy

    Hey Dan,
    Why don’t you do some investigating on this and talk to the guy?…and let us know what pans out?

  4. Fresh Princess

    I’m tough but not a guy, soooo, I’m like, so not qualified to say anything.

  5. DanM

    Jimmy, will do. We’re not interested in injecting ourselves into a petty inter-room spat — though, oops, may have accidentally done that with the whole “Go murder!” riff.

    In the interest of fairness, however, we will happily post whatever Glen might have to say about this matter — though he shouldn’t feel obligated to defend himself. In retrospect, I should not have posted what is potentially a personal attack — even if I wasn’t attaching a specific name (or game) to it — without doing a little more fact-checking. My apologies for the less-than-premium journalism.

    However, while Pokerati knows nothing about any specific game or circumstances in question, what we do know is that based on word that is circulating some 200 miles away, there are some trends in Austin that were prevalent here before all the police raids and inevitably led to explosive confrontations. A little unsettling — particularly at a time when lots of influential folks have reason to be taking a closer look at poker’s potential (for good and ill).

  6. Tim B.

    … but also it would give me a GREAT story (the kind that could finally get me back into Texas Monthly).

    c’mon dan, aim higher… forget magazines, you need to write a teleplay/screenplay… if that turd of a show “Tilt” could get greenlit, im almost positive a drama based on the *real* poker underground could make it on the air… and theres certainly no shortage of material to write from lately…

  7. Ed

    I enjoyed Tilt so I am sure I would enjoy whatever Dan created.

    Think I will go buy the box set when I get my bodog money.


  8. jackietrehorn

    When you do investigate Dan, ask about the dealer that was hiding in the closet but made some noise and got found out by the cops.

  9. DanM

    Oooh, that sounds like a good’n. OK, I am asking …

  10. Zeen

    More scoop over at All In From The Porch.