Where/how do you play online?

by , Feb 14, 2007 | 9:35 am

AJ Shulman has written a nice, succint article about the state of play in online poker for the present and moving forward. It makes the point, yet again, that there is no prohibition in place of any kind right now. Which makes me even more angry that I can’t seem to figure out how to get funds into an online site. I’m so unsavvy in all things internet that once Party went down for US players, I was basically done. Is there an easy place to sign in, fund up and play out there right now?

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  1. DanM

    Define “easy” …

  2. Fresh Princess

    I hear visa debit cards work. But I have only used neteller so I’m completely ignorant to the other vehicles.

  3. Mago

    Ok, I play at Absolute Poker, easy games…there is a 75.00 referral bonus and a 50.00 bonus for friends to play there. I deposit using a credit card or my Visa Debit card. For your first deposit, after filling out all the information as well as the Bonus Code for first time ( 100 % up to 750.00 code ) Click the Deposit button, It will then give you a window that says to call AP. Call them and they will varify that it is you and then tag your Credit Card for future deposits. After that call , all you will have to do is do the Express Deposit and you are good to go. If you are looking to cash out, once I get to 200.00 I usually try to cash out. I had been getting them to put it back in Fire Pay or Neteller. No longer an option. Just get them to cut you a check. Real easy. Doyles Room is basically the same way, but they don’t have the bonuses or reloads that AP does. I like to play there as the games as well as the tournaments are easy. Good Luck, if you do sign up at either place just mention my name : ), okay so am I am sleezy greedy slim ball. Mago at AP and Magojim at DR

  4. pisswilley

    I was having probs with my debit card and got frustrated with ftilt overall play so i went to ult.bet, had prob there with my debit card also so i used my wifes card, she is sweedish citizen and has bank accounts in london, we used that card and boom it worked. they did run me through the ringer on the london account and us address but it worked out then yesterday they had an internal error and i could not get in, could it be that i had almost doubled my bank roll in a week?? it was so strange, but at least im playing!!

  5. CayneB

    EPASSPORTE.COM has worked for me, however it has much more fees and delays than Neteller… but I’ve assumed at this point I can’t be choosy.

  6. PokerLetter.org

    I have had luck with MyWebtATM on Full Tilt. It is new but so far so good with Cash In/Out. There are fees and a delay but these days that is the norm. The great days of InstaCash appear to be a thing of the past.

  7. DanM

    Mago, usually we’re not too big on affiliate spam in the comments, but I think because of your good information we can let this one slide.

  8. Mago

    Hi Dan, sorry about the begging. Actually not an affiliate of either. AP’s sign a friend up thingy just sounds good to me. No need to mention Mago when signing up. I respect your blog to much for that stuff. and enjoy the reading on a daily basis. Thanks

  9. DPL

    I went looking through the 2+2 and found alot of people talking about giftcards.com. They have a internet visa that you can gift to yourself with your credit card and/or debit card. I only cost $2. I tried it this last weekend and it worked on FullTilt. The whole process takes about 4 hours. The only drawback is that you can’t withdraw any money with it.

  10. Bubba

    next time you are in the bahamas like if you were declaring paternity to anna nicoles baby or something like that open an off shore account then do all of your transfers from there. It is illegal it is a violation of the federal wire act. however they must catch you in the act so don’t leave your door unlocked and then they must have a search warrant to come in and see if you are playing so if they crash down your door sign off. simple as that. have the site mail you back checks for withdrawl in amounts varying up to $2999.00 but no more because your bank will be required to file a form called a SAR (suspicious activity report) to homeland security. and if you do win and are receiving regular checks consult your accountant because uncle sam still wants his piece regardless but the good news is it is a line item titled “gambling winnings” simple enough. If you can’t open an offshore account I would imagine that after july you will be screwed.

  11. Enrique

    I have large cash balances at Absolute and PokerStars….anyone needing cash on here simply contact me and we can do a cash for transfer exchange at any Dallas cardroom….

  12. AmatureHour6

    hey there, anyone who wants to transfer money to me on either AP or pokerstars please contact me on email ASAP.
    I can only pay online through netteller and paypal.
    Anyone who can would be greatly appreciated, since i dont have a credit card and netteller is messed i got no way of depositing anything…